Another Agriculture Is Possible National Cartoon Contest Winners Announced

Another Agriculture Is Possible National Cartoon Contest Winners Announced
Another Agriculture Is Possible National Cartoon Contest Winners Announced

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe winning works were determined in the national cartoon competition organized with the understanding of "Another Agriculture is Possible", which is based on the struggle against drought and poverty. The award ceremony of the competition, where first place was won by Kürşat Zaman, second place was Cemalettin Güzeloğlu, and third place was Hamit Gış, will be held at Fuar İzmir on 2 February.

In the national cartoon competition, which was organized for the first time this year by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the theme of “Another Agriculture is Possible”, the winning works were determined. Kürşat Zaman from Antalya, Cemalettin Güzeloğlu from İzmir, and Hamit Gış from Kocaeli won the third place, while Share Cherry from Zonguldak and Rana Duran from Sinop were deemed worthy of the Young Encouragement Award. The selection committee deemed Fatih Aksular from Bursa, Altan Özeskici from Çorum and Mehmet Zeber from Eskişehir worthy of honorable mention.

391 works participated

33 participants from 216 different cities, including agricultural cities such as Ardahan, Şanlıurfa, Kastamonu, Çorum and Aydın, participated in the competition with a total of 391 cartoons, in which it is aimed to strengthen social awareness by using the power of art against vital risks such as climate crisis and drought.

Eight participants were awarded the prize in the evaluation made by the selection committee made up of cartoonists Ahmet Önel, Engin Selçuk and Ercan Baysal, writer Lütfü Dağtaş, journalist Ali Ekber Yıldırım and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department Head Şevket Meriç. İzmir Village Coop Union President Neptün Soyer and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay also attended the selection committee meeting held at the Historical Elevator on January 26.

Award ceremony on February 2

The award ceremony of the competition will be held on Wednesday, February 2, at Fuar İzmir. Agroexpo-17. After the award ceremony within the scope of the International Agriculture and Livestock Fair activities, the opening of the exhibition consisting of cartoons determined by the selection committee will also be held. The exhibition, which can be visited at Fuar İzmir until February 6, will also be exhibited in the villages from the beginning of summer.

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