Basketball Basics for Beginners

Turkish Basketball Federation
Turkish Basketball Federation

Basketball is the most followed sport after football. Millions of people around the world not only watch basketball matches, but also increase their excitement by placing bets. In addition, basketball is the most popular and most kazanMany children and young people dream of becoming a basketball player because it is an intense sport. You can find detailed information about basketball in this article.

 How Is Basketball Played?

Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five each. It is played in the form of throwing balls into the baskets consisting of a 3.05 cm diameter circle at a height of 45 meters from the ground in a rectangular field. As the pot is high, this game is usually played by tall people.

There are five players on the field from both teams. They also have seven players as substitutes. The number of referees is also three. One of the referees becomes the chief referee. The game begins with a jump ball from the XNUMXst referee. The team that catches the ball goes on the attack. The other team is trying not to score by defending their hoop.

 What Are the Rules of Basketball?

1- The game is played in four periods. The duration of each period is 10 minutes. In the second period, the break time is 15 minutes and the rest period between the other periods is 1 minute. Each team is entitled to one time-out in the first three periods, and two time-outs in the fourth period.

2- When the game is stopped, the time clock is also stopped.

3- The player who receives 5 fouls leaves the field.

4- If one of the teams commits 4 fouls in a period, the other team calls a two-shot free throw for each subsequent foul.

5- Whichever team has the ball, must throw the ball into the opponent's basket within 24 seconds. He has to leave his own court within 8 seconds. If he can't get the ball into the basket or out of his own court within this time, the ball goes to the opponent.

6- There are lines that shape the field in the game. One of these lines is the 3 number line. Numbers thrown from outside the line are calculated as 3, numbers thrown inside are calculated as 2. Each ball thrown from fouls is added as a point.

7- The team that scores the most points in 40 minutes is declared the winner. They get 2 points, 1 point is given to the losing team. If the tie is not broken within the time limit, an additional 5 minutes is given.

How Are Basketball Matches Organized?

It is the Turkish Basketball Federation that organizes and manages basketball leagues and matches in Turkey. In our country;

  •  Men's Super League (BSL)
  •  Women's Super League (KBSL)
  •  Turkish Basketball League (TBL)
  •  Turkish Women's Basketball League)
  •  Turkish Basketball 2nd League (TB2L)
  •  Basketball Development League (BGL)
  •  Men's Basketball Regional League (EBBL)
  •  Women's Basketball Regional League (KBBL) is played.

Each team plays in their own league in two-stage league style. At the end of the league, the top eight teams are matched in the form of 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 in the form of elimination.

 Basketball Matches Score Calculation

There are 16 teams in the basketball super league. These teams face each other in a two-stage league style. The team that beats their opponent gets 2 points. The losing team is awarded 1 point. There are no draws in basketball games. An additional 5 minutes is given until a team scores more points.

When the matches of the week are completed basketball league standings being calculated. Teams are ranked as the ones with the most wins and the higher average in points.

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