Minister Akar: Nations that are not strong and independent in the field of defense cannot look to their future with confidence

Minister Akar Strong and Non-Independent Nations in the Field of Defense Cannot Look to Their Future with Confidence
Minister Akar Strong and Non-Independent Nations in the Field of Defense Cannot Look to Their Future with Confidence

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar attended the National Technologies and New Investments Collective Opening and Promotion Ceremony with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In addition to Minister Akar, Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Land Forces Commander General Musa Avsever, Naval Forces Commander Admiral Adnan Özbal, Air Forces Commander General Hasan Küçükakyüz, Deputy Ministers Şuay Alpay and Muhsin Dere also attended the ceremony.

In his speech at the ceremony, Minister Akar started his speech by expressing his excitement and pride in the opening of new facilities that will make significant contributions to the field of defense, aviation and space. Stating that these facilities will further strengthen the move towards being local and national in the field of technology, defense and security, and will carry Turkey to a higher class in the field of high technology, Minister Akar drew attention to the fact that digitalization, artificial intelligence and cyber applications are rapidly shaping the world of today and the future.

Stating that these issues also have an important place in the defense industry, Minister Akar said, “Under the leadership of our country's people, we have read this change in the world correctly, set strategic goals, and acted proactively in this context, realizing large R&D investments in almost every field, especially in the defense industry, and making significant investments. He has had success.” he said.

Reminding that even infantry rifles were outsourced in the past, Minister Akar said:

“Thank God, we have now reached the level of designing, constructing, manufacturing and exporting our National Infantry Rifles, intelligent precision ammunition, National Naval Artillery, MLRAs, Storm howitzers, UAV/SİHA/TİHAs, ATAK helicopters, frigates and warships. In the operations carried out successfully in the country and across the border; The contribution of these weapon systems, produced with domestic and national means, to the resolute protection of our rights, interests and interests in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Cyprus, and to the successful fulfillment of the tasks undertaken by the TAF in many geographies, especially in Azerbaijan and Libya, is clearly seen. The effectiveness of our weapon systems, produced in NATO standards and tested in operations, has attracted the attention of the whole world, the demand for our domestic and national defense industry products has increased day by day, and the 'Made in Turkey' brand has risen to the position it deserves in the international market. The most concrete example of this is that our country broke a record in the field of defense and aerospace in 2021 by exporting approximately 3.3 billion dollars.”


Stating that they are aware of the fact that there is still a long way to go even though the defense industry has reached a level that attracts the attention of the whole world, Minister Akar said, “In this context, it is of vital importance for us to produce the 5th generation combat aircraft, which represents the next step in defense technologies, with domestic and national means. . In particular, the refusal of some countries to sell our urgently needed weapon systems to our country for various excuses has made us more determined and determined for the implementation of the National Combat Aircraft Project. The National Combat Aircraft Project has meanings far beyond developing a platform or weapon system for our country.” used the phrases.

Stating that the project in question is extremely important in terms of demonstrating its human resources, technology accumulation, project management systematic and economic power, Minister Akar said, “The Turkish defense industry, which has formed a strong ecosystem with the public, private sector, foundation companies and universities, has so far been ahead of itself. He will successfully complete this project, which we started with a high motivation, just as he overcame the obstacles one by one with the leadership, support and encouragement of his own people.” said.

“It is not possible for nations that are not strong and independent in the field of defense to look to their future with confidence. Minister Akar said:

“The National Technology Move, which you started with this understanding and focused on sensitively, is indispensable for our sovereignty and independence, as well as essential for our country's geopolitical and strategic position. Turkey is no longer consuming but producing, not importing but exporting, providing its defense and security not according to the will of other countries but with its own possibilities and capabilities, but also meeting the needs of not only its own but also friendly, brotherly and allied countries with its weapon systems and affecting the balance of power in international relations. it has become a subject-country.”

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