Paragliding Flight Record Breaks in Babadağ

Paragliding Flight Record Breaks in Babadağ

Paragliding Flight Record Breaks in Babadağ

An all-time record was broken with 2021 thousand 167 flights in 3 in Babadağ, the world-famous paragliding center of Fethiye. In Babadağ, where 2019 thousand 166 people flew in 813, this figure remained at 2020 thousand 74 in 247.

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTSO) and its subsidiary Fethiye Power Union Company Chairman of the Board Osman Çıralı said that the increase was very pleasing. Stating that 2019 thousand 166 flights were recorded as a record in 813, President Çıralı said, “In 2020, this number decreased to 74 thousand 247 with the effect of the pandemic. In 2021, 38 thousand 185 people, 124 thousand 158 singles and 167 thousand 3 tandems (double), flew from Babadağ with paragliding. With this figure that we left 2019 behind, the record of all time was broken in Babadağ.” said.

Number of flights by country

President Çıralı, who also made a statement about the distribution of paragliders from Babadağ by country, said, “Our Turkish holidaymakers make up 39 percent of the flights, with 63 thousand 490 people. 21 thousand 819 Russian and 21 thousand 191 Ukrainian tourists consist of tourists. Britain, Germany and Pakistan are ranked behind these countries.” he said.

Chairman Çıralı, “Our target is to exceed 200 thousand”

Emphasizing that their target is 1 million visitors and over 200 thousand flights with the commissioning of the Babadağ Cable Car Project, Mayor Çıralı continued his words as follows;

“Babadag is one of the most popular paragliding centers in the world. As our Chamber and Fethiye Power Union Company, we also aim to make Babadağ the safest paragliding center in the world. We are constantly working on this issue. Our holidaymakers flying from Babadağ both contribute greatly to the promotion of our region and create great added value for our regional economy. I would like to thank all the stakeholders who contributed to this record. In 2022, I invite all our holidaymakers to Babadağ, where they will enjoy the unique view of Ölüdeniz. I want our holidaymakers to be part of the new record we hope will reach over 200.”

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