Joining Forces of ATOM and SARP

Joining Forces of ATOM and SARP

Joining Forces of ATOM and SARP

The new member of the ASELSAN smart ammunition family, ATOM 40 mm High Speed ​​Intelligent Ammunition and Remote Controlled Weapon System SARP has added a new one to its successes.

Developed with ASELSAN's own resources, the ATOM 40 mm Smart Ammunition is produced through special electromechanical components inside.
It is programmed when it will break in the air while leaving the barrel, and the information about where it will explode is loaded on the ammunition as it exits the barrel. When the ammunition arrives at the target, it shows high effectiveness against the target with more than 500 steel particles separated from the shrapnel-effect body and the explosive filling inside the body.

ATOM 40 mm smart ammunition can be used against snipers hiding inside the building, terrorist groups hiding between buildings in the city, sutrah / trench, etc. It can be used effectively against threats hidden behind structures or positioned in trenches, infantry units scattered over the terrain, and unarmored vehicles.

ATOM 40 mm Smart Ammunition will now be able to perform together with the SARP weapon system. With the adaptation work (integration kit) to be made to the SARP Weapon system, the ability to shoot ATOM 40 mm Smart Ammunition can easily be added to the systems in the inventory.

The SARP System, whose total number exceeds 2.500 in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and the General Directorate of Security, is frequently preferred over fixed facilities and vehicles. The SARP Weapon System, which has proven itself in many domestic and international operations, will achieve greater success with national smart ammunition.

The success of the ATOMSARP integration activities, launched in June 2021, was demonstrated by fired tests. In the shooting tests; The effectiveness of the system against terrorist groups scattered behind the roof, inside the building and on the ground was demonstrated.

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