ASELSAN Digital Map and HTAWS System 'ATLAS'

ASELSAN Digital Map and HTAWS System ATLAS
ASELSAN Digital Map and HTAWS System ATLAS

ATLAS is the Digital Map and HTAWS system developed by ASELSAN for T-70 Black Hawk and T-625 Gökbey general purpose helicopters. ASELSAN ATLAS is DO 257A compatible and has a flexible and compact design that can be easily integrated into different platforms and hardware.

ASELSAN ATLAS aims to increase the situational awareness of pilots with more than 100 layer demonstrations and its capabilities. With these capabilities, ATLAS can support both 2D and 3D views. Compared to other HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System) solutions, ATLAS can also integrate with the DO-309 compatible HTAWS system, which has the highest update time using the highest data resolution. HTAWS can generate terrain alerts using DTED-2 resolution elevation data with a 20 Hz update time. ATLAS contains unique algorithms that easily adapt to the rotations of the platform with this high update time.

General features

• Reusable Design (Fixed-Wing / Swivel-Wing Platforms)
• 2D/3D View Support
• Navigation View Support (HSI & Analog Radalt)
• Track Up / North Up / Head Up View
• 70+ Datum Support
HTAWS (Helicopter Land Awareness and Warning System)
• DO-309 Compatible HTAWS Design
• 20 Hz DTED-2 Compatible Terrain/Obstacle Warning Generation
• 20 Hz DTED-2 Compliant Above Terrain Height Analysis Display
• Different Mode Support (Normal Mode, Reduced Protection Modes, Enhanced Protection, Only Obstacle Warning Mode, Silenced Mode)
• Point / Line Barrier Support

Floating Map

• DO-257A Compatible Floating Map Design
• DO-178B / DO-178C Level C Compatible Software
• 20 Hz Refresh Time
• Support for Basemaps in 8 Different Scales (1/8K – 1/5M)
• Additional Base Map Support (EAC, Relief Map)
• Support for User Defined Raster Map Display
• Vector Layer Support
• Navigation Database Layers (Airports, Helicopter Landings, Navigation Aids, Flight Control Points, Restricted Airspace, Controlled Airspace, etc.)
• NOTAM, User Defined Field Display
• Street Maps, POI (Point of Interest) Display
• Border, Intelligence Photo, Reminder Layer Display
• Distance Ring / Bingo Line Display
• MIL-STD 2525C Compliant Tactical Symbol Display Support
• Aviation Card Search and Display Support
• User Defined Layer Support (Flight Plan, Flight Plan Pattern, Flight Plan Update, Off-Route Points, Marking Points, User Defined Points)
• Real Time Search Support (POI, Navigation Database, Street Maps)
• Real Time Alert Support (NOTAM, Restricted Airspace, User Defined Areas, Border, Threat)
• Real Time Analysis Support (Visibility Analysis, Vertical Section Analysis, Threat Display)
• Information Windows (Platform Data, HSI, Radalt, Navigation Window, Northern Icon, Search Lists, CAS Window, etc.)

Source: defenceturk

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