Artificial Intelligence Based Solution of Huawei Turkey R&D Center: Wesight

Artificial Intelligence Based Solution of Huawei Turkey R&D Center Wesight
Artificial Intelligence Based Solution of Huawei Turkey R&D Center Wesight

Software solutions developed by Huawei Turkey R&D Center engineers provide convenience to companies of different sizes in the field of occupational safety today.

These approaches, which ensure the safe progress of business processes, both protect human health and meet the need for automation in every process of production, with the support of artificial intelligence. One of these solutions, WeSight, ensures that the personnel working in risky work areas feel safe at all points that need attention within the scope of occupational safety.

WeSight works in harmony with all your IP cameras, giving you 7/24, real-time equipment usage control, allowing you to monitor workplace procedures operationally. WeSight, where you can easily access the instant status of your business with its functional control panel, offers you many features according to your business.

Chief among these are:

  • Prohibited Area Violation Detection
  • Helmet Detection
  • Mask Detection
  • Instant Number of People Detection
  • Stray Detection
  • Dangerous Proximity Detection
  • Image Distortion Detection

is coming. In this context, when it detects any risk, it alerts you by running an alarm instantly. Moreover, since it does not require any camera hardware, you can easily add your configuration cameras to the system and start snapshot analysis.


After more than 11 years of uninterrupted investments by Huawei Turkey, 900 Turkish engineers working at Huawei Turkey R&D Center continue to develop innovative products and solutions for both domestic and international markets.

Software solutions developed by Huawei Turkey R&D Center; It is used by 30 mobile operators in 40 countries. With Huawei, TUBITAK and universities; It works collaboratively in supporting information projects, information exchange and other related fields.

Huawei Turkey R&D Center will continue to focus on machine learning, mobile services (Huawei Mobile Services – HMS), 5G and different applications of 5G for the business world in the upcoming period. It is also among the goals of Huawei to contribute more to the training of talented informatics specialists through artificial intelligence and HMS trainings at universities, Huawei Developer Program, Information Technologies Academy (ICT Academy) Program and research projects implemented with other institutions.

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