MESEM Liaison Office to Antalya OIZ

MESEM Liaison Office to Antalya OIZ
MESEM Liaison Office to Antalya OIZ

Vocational Training Center Liaison Office was established in Antalya OIZ. The center will be a bridge to the training and employment of the workforce needed by the companies.

Within the scope of the Vocational and Technical Education Cooperation Protocol signed between the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, it was decided to open Vocational Education Liaison Offices in organized industrial zones and industrial estates. With the ribbon cutting ceremony organized with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Vocational Training Center (MESEM) Liaison Offices in Turkey were put into service at the same time. The opening of the MESEM Liaison Office established in the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone by the Provincial Directorate of National Education was held simultaneously with the ceremony held at the Presidential Complex.


With the ribbon cut by Döşemealtı District Governor Nuri Özder, Antalya OIZ President Ali Bahar, Provincial National Education Deputy Director Mehmet Karabacak and District National Education Director Süleyman Gökçen, MESEM Liaison Office, which was put into service in the Administrative Service Building of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Directorate, provides the workforce needed by the industrialists, It will provide access with government support. Industrialists who employ people to be directed by the Provincial Directorate of National Education Vocational Training Center will be given incentives up to 50 percent of the minimum wage per person. The center will also provide services to the personnel working in OIZs regarding vocational training and certification processes.


Antalya OIZ President Ali Bahar, who stated that an important project has been implemented in order to train the workforce needed by the sector and to strengthen the ties of vocational high schools and companies, said that the personnel of the Provincial Directorate of National Education will work in the MESEM Liaison Office, and that these people will work in vocational and technical Anatolian high schools and vocational training centers. He stated that they will provide coordination by acting as a bridge between OIZ companies. Providing information about the services to be provided by the liaison office, Bahar said, “It will carry out activities that will increase the participation of employees in vocational training, create education-sector-employment cooperation and ensure that the workforce needs of enterprises are met. Within the scope of the project, those who complete the Vocational Education Center Programs will receive a journeyman certificate in the relevant field and branch, a mastership certificate, a master instructor certificate, and a high school diploma will be given to those who have completed the difference courses.

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