Ankara Metropolitan 1881 Continues to Be a Home for Students

Ankara Metropolitan 1881 Continues to Be a Home for Students
Ankara Metropolitan 1881 Continues to Be a Home for Students

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to support students from all over Turkey who come to the capital city to study but have housing problems. Due to the housing problem, 1881 students, who were placed in Compassion Houses, rented hotels and social housing in Mamak Araplar Mahallesi, benefit from free meals, transportation, laundry and social activities.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which provides temporary accommodation support to students who come to Ankara by winning the university but have accommodation problems, continues to stand by the university students.

Having solved the problem of accommodation, which is the most basic right of students who have dormitory and housing problems, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to host a total of 260 students, 621 of them in Mamak Araplar Social Housing, 881 of them in the Compassion Houses and the hotel rented by the Metropolitan Municipality. .

Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality still provides free accommodation to 881 university students through social media accounts, Metropolitan Municipality Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Press and Publication General Coordinator Volkan Memduh Gültekin said, "While our country has so many problems, we could not stand by and watch the young people, who are the only solution to these problems, helplessly give up their education and return to their hometowns."


Aiming to support students and their families economically by facilitating their lives, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality provides many services free of charge, from food to laundry, transportation to social activities, especially the accommodation needs of students who come to Başkent to study at the university.

University students hosted in the social housing in Mamak Arabs, which were converted into a dormitory by the Metropolitan Municipality until they find a dormitory or a student house, are offered daily free breakfast and dinner. In the residences, where uninterrupted hot water and internet service are provided, students are offered accommodation in the comfort of their own home.

While there is a laundry, cafeteria, gym, movie theater, library, study room and infirmary in the Araplar Family Life Center, there is also chess, foosball, billiards and table tennis for students to have a good time.

ANFA Security provides security for a total of 7 students, of which 24 are girls and 612 are boys, on a 648/260 basis at the Arabs' Social Housing and Family Life Center.


University students, who were placed in social housing in Mamak Arabs by solving their housing problems, expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

-Fatih Yilmaz: “I have been staying here for about 4,5 months. Conditions are really good. In any case, if we tried to stay in private dormitories or somewhere else under these conditions, it would cost about 3 thousand liras. Everything here is free and of very high quality. Whether it's the food, the apartments we stay in, everything is very good. We don't have any problems. If it weren't for this place, I probably wouldn't be able to come to Ankara, I wouldn't be able to go to university. I would like to thank everyone, especially our Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who made this possible. As students, we expect him to be here as soon as possible.”

-Merve Karabulut: “The opportunities offered to us are truly a blessing. I am very happy with the home. It's very clean, we've already come to brand new buildings. Breakfast and meals are also free. The gym and baglama course in the Arablar Family and Life Center are also free. It's like everything was planned for us. We are very pleased. I also went to concerts organized by the Metropolitan Municipality. I felt our privilege there too.”

-Umran Gözay: “When we first came here, we were all helpless and had no place to stay. I was very pleased after seeing the possibilities when we came. We have both a place to stay and an environment where we can study. There are study rooms in the Family Life Center as well. Students here study at different schools. I am studying in Esenboğa. My school is far from here. Despite this, morning and evening services are organized. Opportunities here are always tried to be improved as much as possible. My family were able to leave me here without any scrutiny.”

-Edanur Kilin: “I came to Ankara from Diyarbakır. Living conditions are good here. At least we have a place to stay because we were having quite a few problems when we arrived. We were wondering where we would stay, what we would do. Thanks to Mansur, our president arranged this place and we are staying here. We always have hot water. If we raise a problem, the officers come and take care of it right away. When we have a problem or something is broken, they come and fix it right away. We use the Internet very efficiently. We all have our own quota. Our quota is renewed every week. We participate in cultural and artistic activities organized by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Everything is beautiful here. If this dormitory was not provided, I would have passed my finals in a hotel-style place before I went to my classes and went back again because I have no place to stay, we do not have the opportunity to arrange a house.”

-Firat Deringoz: “I have been staying here for almost 3 months. The meals are delicious. Whenever we have a problem, it is solved immediately. We are currently 2 people staying in the room. The room is very comfortable and spacious. We can easily wash our clothes in the laundry room. We offer 24-hour security service. They come to our aid both in receiving our cargo and in any of our needs. Thank you to everyone who contributed to all the services.”

-Duran Can Karkan: “It is more beautiful, cleaner and the food is better than the state dormitories. Our rooms are cleaned regularly. Hot water and heating conditions are very good. I don't even turn on this much natural gas in my own house. Since the internet is fast and our quotas are high, we can use the internet efficiently. I can go to my school with the free shuttle bus from the Ring Road. If I didn't have the opportunity to stay here, I would probably freeze the university.”

-Irem Yildirim: “I am a 3rd year student at Yıldırım Beyazıt University. Before our school's dormitory was not opened, we stayed at the hotel in Kızılay. I have been staying in Arabs residences since October 20. Although I do not have a computer, I can advance my online lessons very well with the computers here. At the security point, they take care of our every problem, thanks to them 7/24. Our rooms are very warm. We have 7/24 uninterrupted hot water. If it wasn't for this place, I would freeze the university because private dormitories are too expensive. On behalf of all my friends, I would first like to thank our president, Mansur Yavaş, and all the staff working here, for the opportunities they have provided us here.”

-Mustafa Oktay: “I have been here for 6 months. I find the opportunities provided to us very nice. A truly family atmosphere is presented here. We've never been strangers. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the President, Mansur, his team and the people who work here.”

-Şeyma Oter: “I am a student at Ankara University. I came from Sakarya. I was staying with a friend. Frankly, I was very surprised to see the opportunities presented to us here. I did not expect that the procedures would be so easy without making the student difficult. I was surprised by the fact that the food was free, the laundry service was free, our room was warm, and many other things. I wasn't expecting this much. I am very happy satisfied. I went to a concert here, it was very enjoyable. In the Family Life Center, there are also opportunities for students to have active time, such as table tennis and chess, which we use with our friends.”

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