ABB Distributed 100 Bagel Glasses to Disabled Citizens by Lottery

ABB Distributed 100 Bagel Glasses to Disabled Citizens by Lottery
ABB Distributed 100 Bagel Glasses to Disabled Citizens by Lottery

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its works for a barrier-free capital in line with its “disabled-friendly city” approach. Ankara Police Department allocated a place for simit sales and a window in order to support the disabled individuals economically by ensuring their participation in social life. 100 simit glass cases were distributed with the drawing of lots held live and in the presence of a notary public.

Ankara Police Department continues to allocate bagel sales places and windows to disabled citizens living in the Capital and having financial difficulties.

100 disabled citizens, determined by drawing lots in the presence of a notary public and live broadcast, will start selling on bread boats in the central districts of the Capital as of January 20, 2022.


The Metropolitan Municipality aims to support people with disabilities economically by including them in social life in line with the principle of social municipality and the understanding of being a "disabled friendly city".

In this context, 513 people selected among 100 applicants in the drawing of lots organized by the Police Department got the right to operate the bagel display cabinet.

Stating that 100 people determined by the lottery were determined as principal and the remaining 413 as substitutes, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Chief Ali Günday made the following assessments:

“Our municipality started a social responsibility project for our disabled brothers and sisters living in our city. We held the drawing of lots for 513 disabled brothers, whose applications were accepted as a result of the evaluation of a commission, which included representatives of Ankara Police, Ankara Public Bread Factory, Ankara Chamber of Pita Bakers, Bagelmakers and Donuts, Turkey Confederation for the Disabled and Confederation of the Disabled, in the presence of the 12th Notary of Ankara. ABB TV, Youtube We will allocate their windows to 100 disabled citizens with the drawing broadcast live on their channel and social media accounts.”


Yıldıray Çınar, Vice President of the Turkish Confederation for the Disabled, who participated in the lottery for the bagel display cabinet held at the Police Department, pointed out that the application provides employment to disabled citizens living in Ankara who need financial support and said:

“100 simit glass cases were made by lottery to be distributed to our disabled brothers and sisters who really need it. As the Turkish Confederation of the Disabled, as a non-governmental organization representing the disabled, we examined all application documents together with all stakeholders for about 2 weeks. We have carried out this work in order to reach people who are in serious need, in a transparent manner, without causing any doubt. Out of nearly a thousand applications, 513 of them were people who were really in need, who really met the conditions. As the umbrella organization on behalf of the disabled in Turkey, we have a clear conscience. With a new management, it set out to do more transparent and better things. We will work together for a more barrier-free, accessible and beautiful Ankara.”

The Police Department will prevent abuses by checking whether the bagel windows are operated by the disabled citizen himself or his first-degree relative. The rights of disabled citizens who do not make a contract due to various reasons will be transferred to the people who are in reserve in the drawing of lots.

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