Works Completed on Hanımınçiftliği Taştepe Viaduct


Works on Hanımınçiftliği-Taştepe Viaduct, which was built by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the Northern Belt Road project, have been completed.

The Hanımınçiftliği-Taştepe Viaduct, which is 115 meters long, four spans, 28 meters high and 30 meters wide, has been completed within the scope of the Northern Belt Road, which will be connected to the Elazig Road together with Sivas Road, Battalgazi Road, Çöşnük and Yeni Malatya Stadium. In the area where the viaduct works are completed, the filling and landscaping works are continued by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality.

Rıfat Dayan, one of the residents of the neighborhood, who stated that they are pleased that an important work for the region has been completed, stated that he lives in Taştepe District and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan for opening the North Belt Road.

Taştepe Neighborhood Headman Mehmet Kılıç expressed his satisfaction about the work done and thanked Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan and his team. Muhtar Kılıç said, “Hopefully, when the viaduct is opened to traffic as soon as possible, our traffic problems will be solved to a large extent. I would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality and the Heads of the Metropolitan Departments. The road built will contribute greatly to Taştepe, Hanımınçiftliği, Melekbaba and Battalgazi.”

Melekbaba Neighborhood Headman Ali Demir said, “Today, we share the joy of the viaduct that is in the process of being finished. It will add value to our region in terms of zoning and transportation. Indeed, this beautiful study concerns Hanımınçiftliği, Melekbaba, Taştepe, Kaynarca and 15 neighborhoods under the ring road. Our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mr. Selahattin Gürkan, and his team worked hard to reveal these works," he said.

Hakan Demir, Head of Road and Infrastructure Coordination Department, who said that Hanımınçiftliği-Taştepe Viaduct has been completed and the filling works are continuing, said, “We are at the connection point of the Northern Belt Road, which will mark the future of Malatya and constitute the most important transportation network, to the Battalgazi road of Hanımınçiftliği. The filling works of our bridge in the region continue by our municipality. We will pull about 3 trucks of filling material. As our Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality has stated before, we will finalize the Northern Belt Road this year after the tender, and put it into the service of our people. Therefore, with the completion of the Northern Belt Road, we will have completed the most important artery of Malatya. I wish good luck to our people in advance," he said.

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