Traffic Under Control With 'Eyes Of The City'

Traffic Under Control With 'Eyes Of The City'
Traffic Under Control With 'Eyes Of The City'

The award-winning application of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Traffic Management Center, strengthens its infrastructure day by day. Data streams provided to drivers with 300 cameras and screens at 13 points in the city make journeys safe and fast. While the system is activated at 4 more points, drivers can see the traffic status of Yedikuyular Ski Center on VMS (Video Message System) screens.

Traffic Management Center, the award-winning service of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, is strengthening its infrastructure day by day. The number of VMS (Video Message System) and cameras, which are among the smart systems used by the center, has been increased. With the last study, the number of cameras at 106 points throughout the city reached 300, while the number of informative VMS screens on the road increased to 13. The system, which has been activated in four different locations, especially in Dereli Junction, Sütçü İmam, Tavşantepe and Ayranpınar, will instantly provide drivers with traffic conditions for the directions they go. In addition, thanks to the systems that include warnings such as deformed asphalt, wet ground, speed control, drivers will be able to travel safely and quickly.

Yedikuyular Road Safer

The number of VMS screens that have been increased throughout the city now includes the transportation times of Yedikuyular Ski Center. The system, where the density of the arteries providing access to the facility, weather conditions and adverse events can be followed, will also facilitate the transportation of snow lovers. In the statement made by the Traffic and Intelligent Transportation Systems Branch Directorate, it was stated that "We are at your service 7/24 for fast transportation and safe traffic".

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