Will Tesla's Arrival in Turkey Increase Competition with TOGG?

Will Tesla's Arrival in Turkey Increase Competition With TOGG?
Will Tesla's Arrival in Turkey Increase Competition With TOGG?

Tesla, the US electric automotive company, added charging station locations in 10 cities from Turkey, including Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa, on its official website the other day. Tesla is expected to bring some models to Turkey. So, will the arrival of Tesla to the Turkish market increase competition with the domestic automobile startup TOGG?

The entry of Tesla into the Turkish market and the addition of charging station locations in 10 cities created great excitement in the automotive market. So, will there be competition between the domestic automobile startup TOGG and Tesla?

Milliyet Newspaper Automotive Writer Levent Köprülü made a statement on CNN Türk's live broadcast after Tesla entered the Turkish market. Köprülü used the following expressions in his speech:


“It seems wise to install it in cities where electric vehicles will be seen more and more popular. Apart from that, Tesla's practice so far was to set up special charging stations for their own vehicle owners, I guess that would probably be the case in Turkey as well.

I do not anticipate that the meeting with Mr. President is purely about electric vehicles. Elon Musk has another organization called SpeaceX. We have a satellite launch event. Apart from this, there are measures of electric vehicles starting to become popular and organizations such as the European Union. We know that banning internal combustion engines from 2040 is on the agenda. There are a number of agreements signed by Turkey at the climate summit. I guess that the spread of electric vehicles has accelerated Tesla's arrival in Turkey. Since 2015, Tesla had no vehicle sales activity in Turkey. Vehicles were brought to Turkey from abroad with some means.

As for associating with TOGG. There is an electric vehicle competition in Turkey and in the world. We had brought forward that we would be involved in this competition with TOGG.


I think there will be serious competition between Tesla and TOGG. Some have asked on social media that TOGG has superior sides. Let's put it this way, it was said that TOGG was designed as a smart device. We are talking about a vehicle that can be controlled from the vehicle to adjusting the temperature of the house and turning on the electricity. I think these features can show superiority over Tesla.

I heard that the TOGG launch to be made in Turkey will be coordinated with what will be done in Germany. Tesla opened a factory in Germany and will sell to Turkey, so I think there will be competition.


The number of these provinces will increase. I think it is determined by electric vehicle sales. I think that electric vehicles are concentrated in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara regions. Since these will be the markets that Telsa will prioritize, it can start to establish it here. I don't think consumers will charge at home. They also need to provide it outside when there is a need.”

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