Turkish Automotive Industry is the Export Champion for 16 Years

Turkish Automotive Industry is the Export Champion for 16 Years
Turkish Automotive Industry is the Export Champion for 16 Years

The automotive industry, the locomotive sector of the Turkish economy, closed the year 2021 as the leader in exports and declared its 16th championship in a row. According to the data of Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OIB), the exports of the automotive industry in 2021 increased by 15 percent compared to the previous year and reached 29,3 billion USD. The automotive industry, which is again in the first place in Turkish exports, has thus become the champion sector in exports for 16 years.

Automotive's exports in December increased by 6 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and amounted to approximately 3 billion dollars, making it the second highest monthly export in the history of the sector. While the average of exports of automotive in 2021 was 2,45 billion USD, the share of the industry in Turkey's exports in December was 13,3%.

Çelik: "Despite the crises, we closed the year with a 15 percent increase"

Baran Çelik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OİB, said, “The problems that started with the semiconductor chip crisis last year, continued with other raw material supply problems and deepened with increasing costs, negatively affected the automotive industry of our country, as well as globally. Despite all the problems experienced, we managed to close last year with a 15 percent increase in exports. I congratulate all of our companies that have shown great effort and contributed to this success.”

Noting that the automotive industry reached the second highest monthly export in its history in December, Baran Çelik said, “Last month, our exports of the supply industry increased by double digits, while our rate of increase in the tow trucks product group increased to 148%. Again on the basis of countries, we recorded double-digit increases in exports to countries such as France, the United Kingdom and Egypt.

Supply industry exports increased 12 percent in December and 26 percent year-on-year

Supply industry exports on the basis of product group increased by 2021 percent in 26 compared to the previous year, amounting to 11 billion 803 million USD, and received a 40,2% share from all automotive exports. Exports of Motor Vehicles for Carrying Goods increased by 28 percent, while exports of Tow Trucks, which are under other product groups, increased by 68 percent. On the other hand, exports of passenger cars decreased by 0,3 percent, while exports of buses, minibuses and midibuses decreased by 17 percent.

In December, Supply Industry exports increased by 12 percent to 1 billion 54 million USD, while exports of Passenger Cars decreased by 10 percent to 935 million USD, Exports of Motor Vehicles for Goods Transport increased by 9 percent to 628 million USD, Bus-Minibus-Midibus exports increased by 6 percent to 148. million USD and the exports of Tow Trucks increased by 148 percent to 144 million USD. In the Supply Industry, the largest product group, exports to Germany, the country with the highest export, increased by 3 percent, while exports to the USA 15 percent, the United Kingdom 12 percent, Russia 56 percent, Egypt 46 percent, the Netherlands 44 percent, 103 percent increase for Iran, 16 percent for Spain, 18 percent for Slovenia, on the other hand. 18 percent increase in exports to France, which are important markets in passenger cars, 11 percent to the United Kingdom, 178 percent to Egypt, 116% to the USA, 11,5 percent to Italy, 16 percent to Spain, and 34 percent to Germany. There was a decrease of 56 percent to Israel, 65 percent to Poland, 24 percent to Belgium, 60 percent to Sweden and 36 percent to the Netherlands. In Motor Vehicles for Carrying Goods, exports increased by 26 percent to the United Kingdom, 62 percent to Italy, 27 percent to France, 129 percent to Denmark, 19 percent to Belgium, 31 percent to Spain, and 55 percent to Ireland. There was a 95 percent decrease in exports to the Netherlands and 100 percent to the USA. In the Bus Minibus Midibus product group, 6 percent increase to France, 165 percent to Israel, 100 percent increase to Slovakia, 8 percent decrease to Germany and 99 percent decrease to Morocco, which are the countries with the highest exports.

The biggest market was Germany on an annual basis and France in December.

On a country basis, Germany became the largest export market in 2021. Last year, exports to Germany increased by 17 percent compared to the previous year and amounted to 4 billion 168 million USD. Last year, 14 percent to France, 39 percent to the United Kingdom, 15 percent each to Italy and Spain, 21 percent to Poland, 29 percent to the USA, 51 percent to Russia, and 22 percent to Egypt. and Morocco increased by 19 percent, decreased by 14 percent to Romania and 17 percent to Israel.

In December, the biggest market on a country basis was France, while exports to this country increased by 19 percent to 441 million USD. The United Kingdom, which recorded an increase of 22 percent, became the second largest market with an export figure of 372 million USD. Last month, exports to Germany, the third largest market, decreased by 2 percent to 349 million USD. From other markets, 13 percent increase to Italy, 14 percent to USA, 126 percent to Egypt, 61 percent to Russia, 15,5 percent to Romania, on the other hand, 10,5 percent increase to Spain, 16,5 percent to Belgium, 28 Israel dropped 43 percent, Morocco 42 percent and Sweden XNUMX percent.

Exports to the EU increased by 11 percent year on year and 3 percent last month.

On the basis of country group, 64,6 billion 2021 million USD of export was realized with an increase of 11 percent compared to the previous year to the EU Countries, which ranks first with a share of 18 percent in exports. While exports to the Middle East countries decreased by 966 percent last year, it increased by 15 percent to the Commonwealth of Independent States, 38 percent to the North American Free Trade Area, 28 percent to other European Countries and 32 percent to African Countries.

Exports to EU countries increased by 3 percent and reached 1 billion 887 million USD in December. EU countries received a 63,7 percent share of total exports. Again, 20 percent increase in exports to African Countries, 40 percent to the Commonwealth of Independent States, and 12 percent decrease in exports to Middle East Countries.

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