The Number of Visually Impaired Benefiting from Home Care Services Exceeded 39 Thousand

The Number of Visually Impaired Benefiting from Home Care Services Exceeded 39 Thousand
The Number of Visually Impaired Benefiting from Home Care Services Exceeded 39 Thousand

📩 06/01/2022 13:21

The Ministry of Family and Social Services paid a total of 2021 billion liras for home care assistance in 11, and 39 visually impaired individuals benefited from this assistance as of December.

With the services carried out within the Ministry, it is aimed that the visually impaired people in Turkey have equal rights and opportunities with everyone, integrate with the society and have conditions where they can be independent and free while continuing their daily lives.

In this context, the Ministry opened Visually Impaired Rehabilitation Centers in Istanbul and Ankara in order to support the visually impaired individuals to live independently in the society and stand on their own feet without being dependent on anyone.

In Istanbul Visually Impaired Rehabilitation Center and Yenimahalle Visually Impaired Center Directorate, co-education and rehabilitation services are provided for 15-year-olds and older for a period of 5-5,5 months.

In the centers, visually impaired people are also supported professionally. In this context, 2 thousand 979 visually impaired people who successfully completed the basic education and rehabilitation service at the center in Istanbul received their certificates.

In the rehabilitation center in Ankara, a total of 1651 visually impaired individuals successfully completed the basic and vocational training of the institution and were entitled to receive their certificates. Thus, 4 trainees at the centers successfully completed their vocational training and were certified.

1798 TL monthly home care assistance to the beneficiary

Home care services are also provided by the Ministry in order to provide economic support to disabled citizens and their families in need of care.

From home care assistance, “severely disabled” or “fully dependent” adults and “very advanced special needs” in the Special Needs Report for Children (ÇÖZGER), “I Have Significant Special Needs” (ÖGV), “special condition requirement” according to Health Board Reports Children with the phrase "" can benefit if the per capita income in the household is below two-thirds of the minimum wage.

Within the scope of home care assistance, a monthly payment of 1798 TL is made per beneficiary.

An average of 535 thousand citizens, who take care of their disabled relatives in need of care, benefit from “Home Care Assistance” per month. In 2021, a total of 11 billion TL of home care assistance was paid.

According to December data, according to the gender and disability group distribution of those receiving home care assistance, the number of visually impaired individuals who benefited from home care assistance as of December 2021 was 19, of which 349 were women and 19 were men.

According to the health report, people in need who have a disability of 40 percent or more and do not have social security can benefit from the disability pension. Visually impaired citizens with a disability of over 40% can also benefit from this support.

The number of visually impaired civil servants in the public sector has reached approximately 11 thousand.

In addition to accessibility and rehabilitation services for the visually impaired, the Ministry also provides employment in the public sector.

There are approximately 2,6 million disabled citizens registered in the National Disability Data System of the Ministry of Family and Social Services. 215 thousand 76 of these people are visually impaired.

The number of disabled civil servants, which was 2002 thousand 5 in 777, has reached 11 thousand 63 as of this year, 87 thousand of whom are visually impaired.

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