A Journey with Classical Music Begins in Ankara Metro

A Journey with Classical Music Begins in Ankara Metro
A Journey with Classical Music Begins in Ankara Metro

While the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to provide more comfortable and safe transportation, it has also implemented a new application in order to enable the citizens of the Capital to listen to music during their travels. EGO General Directorate, which cooperates with Ankara University Faculty of Communication (ILEF), started broadcasting classical music on the Kızılay-Koru line in the Ankara Metro in the first place, upon high demand from the citizens.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its projects that make the transportation of the capital city more comfortable and modern.

EGO General Directorate, which previously opened the doors of Metro and ANKARAY Stations to amateur musicians, has now started broadcasting classical music in Ankara Metro so that citizens can relieve the tiredness of the day and listen to it during their travels.


EGO General Directorate cooperated with Ankara University Faculty of Communication (ILEF) to broadcast classical music upon popular demand from citizens.

EGO General Directorate Head of Department Yurtalp Erdoğdu stated that they plan to gradually implement classical music broadcasting on the Kızılay-Koru line as a pilot application in the first place, and gave the following information:

“Our primary goal is to ensure safe, fast and comfortable transportation of our citizens. We continue all our work day and night with this awareness. Apart from this, we wanted to carry out some activities that would be good for the tiredness and stress of the day during the transfer of our passengers at the stations. For this, we thought of music whose healing properties have been scientifically proven. As a result of a joint work with Ankara University Faculty of Communication, we started a music broadcasting application at our stations. We started the application on our Kızılay-Koru line in the first place. We want to expand this gradually. The opinions of our citizens on this issue via social media channels and Başkent 153 are also very valuable to us.”

Citizens who expressed their happiness in traveling with classical music also expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Nature Traveler: “I found the app nice. I think it is an application that makes people very comfortable during the journey.”

Melike Suitable: "Liked it very much. It gives people a relaxing atmosphere after work.”

Nisanur Dawn: “I usually read books while traveling, but classical music was even more relaxing. So time passes faster. We can either read a book or listen to music on the subway, so it was a successful and beautiful application.”

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