The First Two Beams of the Connection Bridge in Bursa Acemler have been installed

The First Two Beams of the Connection Bridge in Bursa Acemler have been installed
The First Two Beams of the Connection Bridge in Bursa Acemler have been installed

The assembly of the first two beams of the bridge, which is one of the projects of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality that will make the Acemler Junction breathe and will provide the connection from Hüdavendigar Neighborhood to Acemler direction, was done with 'works that continue throughout the night'.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to relieve the traffic in Acemler, where the density is 180-15 percent higher than the July 10 Martyrs Bridge, where the average daily density is around 12 thousand vehicles in Istanbul. Metropolitan Municipality, which previously made lane widening in the connecting branches of Acemler Junction and opened the tube crossing connecting Hayran Cadde and Oulu Cadde, has accelerated the work at Mudanya Junction, which directly affects the traffic in the region.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which completed the works on the bridge and connection roads about 1 year ago, which was designed at Mudanya Junction and allows vehicles coming from both directions to go to Hayran Street, Bursa Ali Osman Sönmez Hospital and Hüdavendigar District without 'deviating to Acemler', is now the second of the bridge. went to the assembly stage on his feet.

working all night

A 600-ton tower crane was brought for the assembly of the connection bridge located on the energy lines of the rail system. The assembly of special steel beams from Europe and processed in the factory in Ankara started after 22.30:580 at night. The first two beams were completed during the night-long assembly works of the bridge, in which a total of XNUMX tons of steel was used. After the assembly of the remaining two beams, the bridge will be made usable by 'casting concrete'. When the assembly is completed, vehicles coming from the direction of Odunluk, Dikkaldırım and Beşevler will be connected to the city center direction from 'near the stadium'. With the connection viaduct to be built in the second phase of the project, the vehicles passing through the region will be directly connected to the Mudanya and İzmir directions.

We're near the end

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş also came to the work area at midnight and watched the beam assembly. President Aktaş, who received information about the works, stated that a difficult and risky production was left behind and emphasized that the works were carried out at night in order not to disrupt public transportation. Expressing that Acemler is the key point of Bursa traffic with more than 200 thousand vehicle passages per day, Mayor Aktaş said, “We are working hard to untie the knots in the region. One of these works is the connecting bridges next to the stadium. Here, 130 separate beams, each weighing 4 tons, are being assembled. With a span of 60 meters, we can say that it is Bursa's longest steel beam. We aim to complete the work in a short time and open it to transportation in March. The project will also be aesthetic with vertical garden applications. In the spring months, it will add value to our city both with its visuality and with the alternative it offers to traffic.”

Expressing that the work for the expansion of Hayran Street as a divided road continues, and the expropriations for the expansion applications on the İzmir road are continuing, President Aktaş added that they are now approaching the end of the works that will give the novices a breath of fresh air.

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