Exam Decision from MEB! Implemented for the First Time in 81 Cities

Exam Decision from MEB! Implemented for the First Time in 81 Cities
Exam Decision from MEB! Implemented for the First Time in 81 Cities

While continuing face-to-face education for about four and a half months, the Ministry of National Education has carried out extensive studies to compensate for the learning losses of the last one and a half years. In this context, the Ministry of National Education, which provides free support and training courses for secondary and high school students, is implementing a monitoring and evaluation test for the efficiency of these courses for the first time in 81 provinces. The joint assessment exam for the 7th, 8th, 11th and 12th grade students participating in support and training courses started at 10.00:81 in XNUMX provinces across the country.

The aim of the application is to achieve the achievements of the students through the mentioned courses. kazanMinister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that the aim is to measure the students, to provide feedback to them and to create a data-based infrastructure to increase the effectiveness of the courses, and stated that the study was designed to cover all 81 provinces for this purpose.

Minister Özer stated that it is important to see and evaluate the current situation regarding support training courses more clearly and to shape the improvements that can be made, and said:

“From 06 September 2021, full-time and face-to-face education has started at all levels. With the opening of our schools, we offer support training courses on weekdays and weekends at our schools for the benefit of firstly 8th and 12th grade students, then 7th, 11th and 6th, 10th grade students, respectively, in order to support our students, especially in compensating for previous learning losses. We opened it for free, face to face. Feedback on the current status and efficiency of these courses is important to us. In this context, within the scope of the monitoring and evaluation joint exam we conduct, Turkish, Turkish language and literature, mathematics, science, Turkish Revolution history and Kemalism, social studies, English, religious culture and ethics, philosophy, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography Thirty-three different booklets containing questions from each were created.

Due to the epidemic conditions, it is planned that our students will participate in the exam application of a single course they take and the exam duration will be forty minutes. The results will only be used to guide the improvement work to be carried out in the support training courses and will not be used as grades or points anywhere.”

More than two hundred thousand students take the exam

Stating that a comprehensive application was implemented, Özer stated that 201 thousand students who attended courses at the seventh, eighth, eleventh and twelfth grades were included in the sample. In addition, different school types such as secondary school, imam hatip secondary school, regional boarding secondary school, Anatolian high school, Anatolian imam hatip high school, multi-program Anatolian high school, science high school, fine arts high school, vocational technical Anatolian high school, social sciences high school, sports high school are within the scope of application. thus, detailed data will be obtained to improve the supports to be provided. Minister Özer stated that the implementation will take place in the courses determined at all grade levels in the second term.

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