4th Prototype of Gökbey Utility Helicopter Seen for the First Time

4th Prototype of Gökbey Utility Helicopter Seen for the First Time
4th Prototype of Gökbey Utility Helicopter Seen for the First Time

There was a pleasing development in Gökbey, Turkey's general purpose helicopter produced with domestic and national resources. Going towards mass production step by step, the fourth prototype of Gökbey was displayed for the first time at the ceremony held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Gökbey, designed by the Presidency of Defense Industries and manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), is among the best in its field. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who examined the products at TAI Facilities within the scope of the "National Technologies and New Investments" program, then took a souvenir photo with the products. A striking detail in the photo frames did not go unnoticed. The 4th prototype of the domestic and national general purpose helicopter Gökbey was seen for the first time.

The domestic and national general purpose helicopter 'Gökbey', which has been successfully designed and started to be built with the aim of producing Turkey's domestic and national helicopters, is rapidly moving towards mass production. The Gökbey general purpose helicopter, which can operate effectively in high altitude and high temperature, day and night conditions, even in the most challenging climates and geographies, is designed and manufactured using national resources and capabilities.

Within the scope of the 'Original Helicopter Program', in addition to structural and avionic systems, the design and production of critical systems such as transmission, rotor and landing gear are carried out entirely using national resources. Due to the wide range of missions of the helicopter, it will be able to perform transport, VIP, cargo, air ambulance, fire response helicopter, search and rescue and offshore transport duties.

Gökbey, the first general purpose helicopter developed and produced with domestic facilities, successfully performed its maiden flight at 6:2018 on September 06.00, 2022, and is expected to start mass production towards the end of 4. Gökbey also draws attention with its being a completely independent project since it was designed and produced from scratch with all its structural elements. In this way, it can be configured by performing all kinds of conditions and optional modifications. Source: Gökbey's XNUMXth prototype seen for the first time

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