Sakarya SGK Junction Prepares for Official Opening

Sakarya SGK Junction Prepares for Official Opening
Sakarya SGK Junction Prepares for Official Opening

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce announced that the works at Sakarya SGK Junction have come to an end and the official opening ceremony will be held soon.

President Ekrem Yüce, who met with the members of the press in Ormanpark, said, “We are now solving the traffic problem that has been experienced for years at the Sakarya SGK junction in our city. We have come to the last point in our Sakarya SGK Köprülü Junction works. With the arrangement located at the intersection of Adapazarı, Serdivan and Erenler, we ease the transportation of all three districts and eliminate the loss of time. The bridge junction is 22 m wide and 33 m wide, and within the scope of the project, retaining walls, pavement and rain water line with a length of 1.200 meters were manufactured. In addition, 10 thousand m³ of concrete, 800 tons of iron and 50 thousand tons of asphalt were used in total. After the announcement, President Ekrem Yüce, SASKİ General Manager Yiğit Turan, Deputy Secretary General Ali Oktar, Head of Science Affairs Department Cevat Malcok and Head of Parks and Gardens Department Kenan Şahin shared information about the work with members of the press.

The cost of the intersection is approximately 40 Million Liras.

President Yüce also said, “The cost of the SGK Köprülü Interchange is approximately 40 million liras. This is how we opened the Sakarya SGK Köprülü Junction, which we said will be put into service in 2021, to traffic. Hopefully, we will hold the official opening ceremony soon. Good luck to our Sakarya” and shared the good news.

The height of the bridge is in accordance with the highway legislation.

The bridge section of the project, in which the teams of the Department of Science Affairs have been working intensively, was built in accordance with the Highways regulations, with a height of 4 and a half meters, a length of 33 meters and a width of 22 meters. In the construction of the project, Post Tensioning (Tensioning of steel ropes) technique was also used to strengthen the bridge.

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