Reflection of SCT Regulation on Second-Hand Prices Will Be Limited

Reflection of SCT Regulation on Second-Hand Prices Will Be Limited
Reflection of SCT Regulation on Second-Hand Prices Will Be Limited, one of the important players of the second hand, shared its evaluations of the second-hand car market for 2021 and its market predictions for 2022. CEO Muhammed Ali Karakaş, who gave his views on the effect of the new regulations in the SCT tax base, on second-hand vehicle prices, said, “The year 2021 has been a period that will go down in history for the automotive industry with its ups and downs. Despite the price increases of 40-60 percent in the last quarter of the year in the triangle of exchange rate, inflation and supply problems, consumers should consider January as an opportunity. As of the second half of the year, there may be serious price increases again. The base adjustment will be reverberated as a maximum 7-8 percent price reduction on restricted models. We hope that the year will close with 2022 million, with 4 million second-hand vehicle sales in the first half of 5 and 9 million in the second half.” said., one of the leading brands in Turkey's second-hand vehicle market, shared its comprehensive evaluation notes for the year 2021 that we left behind. While the projections for 2022 are also included, it has been noted that the reflection of the new regulations in the SCT tax base, which was made a short time ago, on second-hand vehicle prices will be limited.

January is an opportunity period for the consumer.

Expressing that last year will go down in history as an unforgettable year for the entire industry, CEO Muhammed Ali Karakaş stated that the first five months of 2021 passed very badly under the shadow of the pandemic, and that the restrictions were lifted and the beginning of the summer months started to move. Continuing in his speech, “The second-hand vehicle market, in the triangle of exchange rate, inflation and problems in the supply chain, gained tremendous momentum between October and December. kazanwas. However, in the last period of the year, there was an increase in prices of 60-70 percent in some cars and 40-60 percent in average. We foresee that the year will close with 7,5 million. As, we have reached a sales figure of 30 in our 4 branches.” said. Regarding the prices, which are constantly on the agenda, Karakaş said, “In the period between December 500 and January 15, the inflated prices on vehicle prices decreased, some models dropped by up to 15 percent, and a more reasonable picture emerged for consumers. The further decrease in prices is now completely linked to the exchange rate. But after today, we do not expect a very serious price decrease in the coming months. If we look at the next 25 months, we recommend that citizens use January as an opportunity.” made the statement.

Prices may increase again in the second half of the year, the impact of the tax base adjustment will be limited CEO, who also shared his predictions about the new regulations in the SCT base, said, “The first two weeks of the year were rather stagnant and unproductive; As consumers expect prices to hit the bottom, the base adjustment will only have a limited impact on the market as a 7-8 percent price reduction for certain models. Prices may enter a serious upward trend again, especially as of the second half. Consumers should make good use of the first quarter.” said.

We hope for a market of 9 million in the new year

Expressing that 2022 may be a year of opportunity, Karakaş said, “Especially in the second half, solving the supply problem and loosening related to the pandemic will play a decisive role. Private cars have become a serious habit among consumers now, and electric cars will gradually enter our lives in 2022. The industry is both changing and developing. We are hopeful for the second half of the year; We expect sales of five million in the second half and four million in the first half, and we believe that 2022 will reach a volume of nine million. As, we aim to reach sales of 40 branches and a total of 8 thousand vehicles this year.” made statements.

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