Prices of Used Cars Decreased, Demand Increased

Prices of Used Cars Decreased, Demand Increased
Prices of Used Cars Decreased, Demand Increased

📩 11/01/2022 19:05

The second-hand vehicle market, which has been mobilized with the decrease in foreign exchange, offers attractive opportunities for those who want to own a vehicle. Used online vehicle trading platform VavaCars offers discounts from 48 thousand TL to 48 thousand TL for "20 new vehicles every 120 hours" with its new campaign launched in parallel with the decrease in the exchange rate.

Automotive sales, which had come to a standstill with the sudden increase in the exchange rate in recent months, started to revive again. While the decline in the dollar and euro is reflected as a discount on automobile prices, there is activity especially in the second-hand market. According to TUIK data, as of the end of October 2021, second-hand automotive sales decreased by 2020 percent compared to the same period of 15,4 and fell to 6 million 776 thousand units. With the decrease in foreign exchange, signs of activity began to appear in the second-hand automotive market.

“Declining prices will revive demand”

Stating that there has been a stagnation in the second-hand vehicle market for months due to the fluctuations in the exchange rates, VavaCars Marketing Director Alper Karaer noted that 2021 was a difficult year for both the new and second-hand markets. Karaer continued his words as follows: “When we look at 2021, the dollar rate, which has increased by 6 liras in a year, has increased by around 80 percent. On the other hand, we see that the supply-demand balance works in favor of the second hand. The problem with the supply of new vehicles as a result of the chip crisis is still unresolved and does not look likely to be resolved any time soon. This causes the demand to shift to the second hand to a large extent.”

Stating that the market will be balanced with the normalization in the exchange rate and the demand, which was postponed especially in the second hand, will return to sales, Karaer made the following assessment: “Prices in the second hand had increased continuously until 18 December. However, with the sudden drop in exchange rates after 18 December, we observed a 12 percent decline in prices across the market. In parallel, we started to see a regular increase in the number of advertisements. In other words, both a decrease in prices and an increase in supply took place. There is a long-delayed request. The fact that the prices will decrease with the normalization in the exchange rate will revitalize the market.”

“Good opportunity to buy a used car”

Alper Karaer, who stated that as VavaCars, they will continue to offer the most attractive and reliable options to those who want to own a vehicle, continued as follows: Especially companies that have reflected the decrease in the exchange rate to their prices at a higher rate offer good opportunities for those who want to buy a vehicle. For example, as VavaCars, we quickly adapted to the realities of the day and offered discounts from 20 thousand TL to 120 thousand TL in our prices, and offered this special campaign to people who want to buy second-hand vehicles. In fact, we can say that we are at the right time to buy a vehicle. We will continue to serve as the 'turnkey' and 'most reliable' trading platform in the used vehicle market. We entered the market to change the rules of the game and we will do that.”

“The vehicles in the campaign will be renewed every 48 hours”

Aiming to activate the second-hand market with attractive campaign conditions, the new campaign of VavaCars, which started with the slogan "Discounts for 48 new vehicles in every 48 hours", will offer discounts between 20 thousand TL and 120 thousand TL. Within the scope of the campaign, discounts will be applied on 48 new vehicles every 48 hours on the internet address of VavaCars' online vehicle sales platform Thus, consumers will have two days to have a vehicle they like at attractive discounts.

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