Considerations for Maintaining Vehicle Value

Considerations for Maintaining Vehicle Value
Considerations for Maintaining Vehicle Value

Preserving the value of the vehicles used today, where both new and second-hand car prices are increasing, is seen as an important issue by those who own and want to own a vehicle. So, how can car owners maintain the market value of their cars? What are the key points to consider? TÜV SÜD D-Expert has compiled all the questions about the subject for you in its blog post.

Periodic Maintenances

Timely maintenance of all periodic maintenance of your vehicle is critical for maintaining its value. Carrying out the maintenance by authorized and expert persons with original spare parts will preserve the second-hand sales values ​​of the vehicles. In addition, thanks to this situation, which is critical for your safety, the value of your car will also be preserved. Vehicles whose periodic maintenance is done on time and by reliable institutions are always seen as more valuable.

Wheel Adjustment and Tire Rotation

One of the most important issues to be done for the road and driving safety of your vehicle is to make the wheel alignment. With this adjustment, in which the angle of your wheels and their distance from each other are controlled, both the safety of the vehicle is ensured and it contributes greatly to the preservation of its value.

Tires are generally divided into winter and summer. It is very important to use winter tires, especially in snowy conditions, and they prevent the vehicle from slipping. All-season type tires can also be preferred in places where winter conditions are not too severe. Thanks to the rotation of the tires both according to the season and between them, the performance of the vehicle and therefore its value will be preserved. It is also recommended to check the tire pressures at regular intervals.

Seasonal General Cleaning

Having your vehicle wax polished, paint protected and detailed interior cleaning in every season; It will delay the wear of the vehicle and will provide great benefit in preserving its value. Thanks to these procedures, which should be done especially before the summer and winter months, both the paint and interior trim of your vehicle will be protected; aging will be slowed down.

Using the Vehicle

All scratches, dents, etc. that may occur without your knowledge can be prevented by the use of your car only by you, unless it is obligatory. For this reason, it is recommended to be used by a single driver as much as possible.

Fuel Preference

The type of fuel you put in your vehicle and the consistency of the place you fill are critical for the long-lasting use of the engine. As much as possible, the fuel to be filled in the same station and pump of the same brand and the wear of the engine caused by the changes in fuel.

You can reduce it. In addition, being careful not to fall below a quarter tank while using your vehicle can contribute to maintaining the value of your vehicle in second hand sales.

Repair Preference in Case of Accident

In case of possible accident and damage, your vehicle must be repaired at an authorized service center with original parts. Non-original parts to be installed on the vehicle may damage it and may cause financial loss in case of second hand sales. In order to prevent these situations, you should definitely get service from places with high experience for the repair of damage to your vehicle and make sure that original parts are used. When you want to sell your car, this will be of great benefit to protect the value of your car.

Mini Repair Technical Preference

In case of minor accidents and scratches, it should be preferred to produce solutions with mini repair techniques instead of painting your vehicle. In this way, your vehicle will not experience any financial loss due to the paint change, and your records will not be damaged. This solution should be preferred for all damages with the possibility of mini-repair technique and the damage should be repaired by competent people.

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