Operation Complete on Yunuseli Road

Operation Complete on Yunuseli Road
Operation Complete on Yunuseli Road

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality completed the renovation works on the 2-meter section between Dereçavuş - Çağlayan - Gündoğdu - Nilüferköy junction, which is the continuation of this road, after the Dereçavuş - Yunuseli connection road, which it opened about 900 months ago.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which produces radical solutions to the transportation problem in Bursa with its rail system investments, new roads, bridge and junction productions, continues its expansion and renewal works on the existing roads. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has been working feverishly in the Yunuseli region where construction is increasing, completed the renovation works on the 8-meter-wide and 3400-meter-long road between Dereçavuş and Yunuseli last November. Work on the second phase of the road, which connects Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard and Fuat Kuşçuoğlu Street with Bursa Ring Road and Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal, and provides alternative transportation for residential areas located between Mudanya district and Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal, has also ended.

Metropolitan teams made the 900-meter section between Dereçavuş and Çağlayan - Gündoğdu - Nilüferköy road junction more comfortable with hot asphalt coating. The 3-meter-wide road became an important alternative route with the works carried out using approximately 1600 thousand tons of filling material and 8 tons of hot asphalt.

Busy time to transportation

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that productions related to transportation and infrastructure investments continue at 17 points in 55 districts. Stating that they continue to work on creating an alternative route and making the existing roads healthier, Mayor Aktaş said, “Our connection works to Bursa City Hospital from both İzmir Road and Mudanya Road continue. Expropriation and road widening works for the relief of Acemler Junction continue. Finally, we have completed one of the projects that will relieve the Yunuseli region, where construction has increased considerably in recent years. We had previously completed the 3400-meter section between Yunuseli and Dereçavuş and opened it to transportation. Now we have completed the junction between Dereçavuş and Çağlayan – Gündoğdu – Nilüferköy. Good luck,” he said.

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