Meat Support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Makes Shopkeepers Smile

Meat Support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Makes Shopkeepers Smile
Meat Support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Makes Shopkeepers Smile

The meat support for families receiving social assistance, announced by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş with the words "No one should go to bed hungry, so that all our children can eat healthily as they deserve", also revived the economy of the Capital. The support of 240 TL, which was invested only for the shopping of meat and meat products, to 792 thousand 100 families who received social assistance through the Başkent Card system, which ended the food parcel period and spread the aid economy to all the shopkeepers of the city, increased the sales of the neighborhood butchers and local shopkeepers as well. Some butchers started to show an example of social solidarity by applying special discount campaigns to Başkent Card holders.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who brings together the people of the Capital with practices that radically change the understanding of social aid, continues to support families receiving social aid with the Başkent Card model he has implemented. While the food parcel era is coming to an end in Ankara through the system, the aid economy benefits all tradesmen groups in the city instead of a trader.

The meat support in the amount of 240 TL, which was loaded on the Başkent Cards of 792 thousand 100 families in Ankara, also contributed to the city's economy. kazannagged. Some butchers did not remain indifferent to this support and organized a special discount campaign for Başkent Card holders.


The monthly support payment of 100 TL by the Metropolitan Municipality will contribute to the tradesmen economically as well as these families who will shop for meat.

With the investment of a total support amount of 24 million 79 thousand 200 TL to Başkent Cards, shopping activity was experienced in Başkent, and meat sales of the neighborhood butchers and local tradesmen increased significantly.


For the first time in Turkey, neighborhood butchers, whose businesses were opened with monthly meat support to families receiving social assistance, started to offer special discounts to Başkent Card holders throughout the city, showing an example of social solidarity.

Uğur Akçay, the neighborhood butcher serving in the Yenikent district of Sincan district, said that after hearing the meat support, he took action and started a discount campaign in his own shop with the following words:

“We saw the announcement of our President Mansur on the internet. We didn't wait as we didn't know what day it was. We had a busy lunch hour and 80 percent of our products were finished. We were unprepared, but the next day we were more prepared. It's still busy. Citizens are very happy with the support, and we are very happy. The economic conditions in the country are clear, so both the citizens and us, the tradesmen, laughed. We wanted to support the service rendered by our President Mansur in this difficult time. We reduced our prices to the minimum and said that we are here to serve the citizens. We started a 10 percent discount.”


Emphasizing that the exemplary practice of the Metropolitan Municipality, which acts with the understanding of “kindness is contagious”, both stimulates meat sales in the Capital and contributes to the economy of the tradesmen, Turkish Butchers Federation and Ankara Butchers Chamber President Fazlı Yalçındağ said, “Can there be anything better than this? In this way, meat will enter every house. I can't thank those who contributed enough. This shopping is going on very intensely. It is an extremely beneficial application for both our tradesmen and the public.”

Stating that their business increased after the meat support started, the neighborhood shopkeepers expressed their satisfaction with the application with the following words:

-Hayrettin Kaptanoğlu: “With the contributions of the President of Mansur, our business, which had fallen a lot, increased with the implementation. In the meantime, meat entered the homes of the needy, and the shopkeepers laughed. In order to support our president, we also reduced our prices as much as we could. God bless our president. Especially those in need are very happy with the application, everyone is praying.”

-Yunus Emre Tepe: “With the start of the application, there was a crowd of customers. Many citizens who cannot see meat in their homes now can eat meat. Our business has increased by more than half. We are very grateful to our President.”

-Alperen Yavuzkanat: “Our business has increased by almost 70 percent. This was also a help to the tradesmen. We had customers who could not afford even one chicken. They all started coming at once. They began to take mince. Everyone thank you very much, they are in a state of prayer.”

-Feramuz Memory: “We receive very positive feedback from the citizens. If there is no meat in the house, meat is in the house. It has also had an impact on our business. It became a lifeline for the tradesmen. May God bless you, thank you our president."

-Murat Şişman: “We have been very busy for two days. The feedback from our people is also very positive. There was a lot of meat consumption for us too. We are very grateful to our President.”

-Hasan Yıldırım: “We had a lot of shopping density, there was a lot of demand. We can say that we did not have any meat on the first day. We even ordered early. God bless our president."

-Samet Yıldırım: “It was a very good application for those who we have never seen and who do not have a situation. We had a customer who could not buy red meat, and they did too. Both our chicken and meat sales have increased. Thank you very much."

-İbrahim Bozok: “This support has reflected positively on our business. We witness the prayers of incoming customers. We and the citizens are very satisfied. Our sales have increased, thank you to the president. As tradesmen, we are very happy. I have never heard of such a service, it is a very nice service.”

-Osman Dağdeviren: “In general, we are very satisfied with this service. Our citizens, who cannot buy meat at home, come and shop in this way. Our business has also increased, we thank our president. We are very satisfied.”

- Ramazan Seyfeli: “This support has been very beneficial for our business. Citizens who really need it come and shop and they are very satisfied. My tradesman in İncirli Neighborhood for 35 years saw this personally. I have never seen such support before. It was very good that the citizen passed meat from his crop. We are very grateful to our President.”

-Murat Arıç: “It had a great effect on the tradesmen's work. We can say that it has been a lifeline for the tradesmen. Very nice, we are very satisfied. Citizens are satisfied, there was no application before.”

-Metin Önen: “I would like to thank our president for this issue. At least, citizens who have never had meat in their kitchen can also shop with this card. Meat is a staple food, and it should be in every home. We look forward to the continuation of this work.”

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