LG Medical Monitors Provides Convenience to Healthcare Professionals

LG Medical Monitors Provides Convenience to Healthcare Professionals
LG Medical Monitors Provides Convenience to Healthcare Professionals

Technology giant LG transfers its knowledge to the health sector. Display devices ranging from medical surgery and clinical examination monitors to digital x-ray detectors, produced with LG competence, offer healthcare professionals flawless image quality in their diagnostic processes. With their ergonomic designs, LG medical imaging technologies make the lives of healthcare professionals easier.

LG Electronics (LG) also offers its advanced technology to the healthcare field. LG, which facilitates the lives of consumers in all areas of life and offers them comfort; With the monitors it offers to health sector workers, it increases the performance of sector workers, facilitates their work processes and makes an important contribution to the treatment process of patients. LG, which has made a name for itself with its medical products all over the world, helps healthcare professionals make a reliable and accurate diagnosis with its superior image quality.

LG's Medical Approved Clinical Examination Monitors, Diagnostic Monitor, Surgical Monitors and Digital X-ray Detectors make a big difference in early diagnosis, which is the biggest criterion in preventing disease from progressing. LG's diagnostic monitors, produced with advanced technology, provide great support to experts in early diagnosis. The monitors, which stand out with their gray color sharpness, which is one of the most important features for image quality and radiology, are the biggest assistants of radiologists and doctors. The most important feature that makes LG monitors stand out; The fact that it can be used as 6 screens as 2 MP… While two separate 5 MP monitors are generally used side by side in the health sector, LG's new products allow doctors to examine and compare two images from a single monitor.

LG 31,5″ 4K IPS Surgical Monitor, Digital X-Ray Detector (DXD), 31,5” 8MP (3840×2160) IPS Diagnostic Monitor, LG 3MP Diagnostic Monitor, 1.3 MP Clinical Evaluation Monitor, LG 8MP Clinical Review Monitor, LG 8MP Surgical Monitor, LG Full HD Surgical Monitor, 31 inch 12 MP Diagnostic Monitor for Mammography makes diagnosis easy with its high resolution, accurate gray scale, backlight brightness balance, minimum distortion in correct images, self-calibration features, ergonomic design and optimum screen brightness, health It reduces chronic pain and eye strain caused by long working hours in its employees.

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