Domestic Biometric Data System Entered into Service in Turkey

Domestic Biometric Data System Entered into Service in Turkey
Domestic Biometric Data System Entered into Service in Turkey

📩 11/01/2022 15:39

After the Immigration Administration, the Biometric Data System began to be used in Population and Citizenship transactions. The safe collection, digitization and processing of biometric data, which is the most private data of a country, is a matter of national security. With this vision, the National Biometric Data System Project initiated by the Ministry of Interior will make a serious contribution to Turkey in terms of security.

BIYOTEKSAN was established in partnership with HAVELSAN (50%) and POLSAN (50%) with the vision of becoming the market leader in biometric data systems technologies, both at home and abroad.

Turkey is the 7th country in the world

Thanks to this partnership; Turkey has become the 7th country in the world to develop a Biometric Data System with its own means, in the journey embarked on with the vision of protecting biometric data and keeping millions of liras going abroad within the country.

The first users of the system are affiliated with the Ministry of Interior; General Directorate of Migration Management, General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command. In the first phase of the development of biometric data systems, the Qualified Fingerprint Recognition Product, which works with traces read from fingerprint scanners, was launched.

In the second phase of the system, it is planned to complete the development of the Unqualified Fingerprint Recognition Product, which will work with the criminal traces taken from the crime scene, and put it into service in a short time.

Turkey's biometric data in one center

As a result of these studies, intensive studies are continuing for the implementation of the National Biometric Data System and National Biometric Data Center projects, which are the ultimate goals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. With the project, Turkey's biometric data will be collected, digitized and stored in one place, and necessary integrations with other institutions' systems will be provided. In this way, the security of biometric data, which is a national critical data, will be ensured at the highest level. In the following phases, biometric recognition products such as palm print recognition, vein recognition, face recognition, iris and retina recognition, voice recognition and signature/handwriting recognition will be developed and integrated into the National Biometric Data System.

National matching algorithms are used in fingerprint recognition products. The two main features of the products are as follows:

Authentication as a result of 1-1 comparison of newly taken fingerprints and registered fingerprints, identification by 1-N querying of fingerprints taken from the person or the crime scene from all traces in the system.

As of January 10, 2022, the national fingerprint recognition product developed by BİYOTEKSAN with the engineering support of HAVELSAN started to be used all over Turkey by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. The development was announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Süleyman Soylu.

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