Fossil Fuel Boat Transportation Ends in Eğil

Fossil Fuel Boat Transportation Ends in Eğil
Fossil Fuel Boat Transportation Ends in Eğil

As of April 1, fossil fuel boat transportation ends in Eğil within the scope of the “Dicle Dam Lake Basin Protection Plan” carried out by the General Directorate of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DİSKİ).

Work continues on the project, in which the General Directorate of DİSK has appointed expert academics within the framework of the “Dicle Dam Lake Basin Protection Plan”.

Within the scope of the project, the general characteristics of the basin and the polluting factors affecting the water quality were determined, monitoring and model studies were carried out.

In order to prevent pollution that may occur in the water basin, Fırat Tutşi, General Manager of DISKI, and Egil District Governor Idris Arslan came together with boat operators.

Reminding that the protection plan framework of the Dicle Dam, which provides drinking water to Diyarbakır and its districts, is determined by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Tutşi expressed that it is everyone's duty to protect the water source, which is the apple of the eye of the city.

Pointing out that their aim is not to play with the bread and labor of boat carriers in Eğil, Tutşi noted that they want to find a solution to the existing problem together.

“Boat transportation should be done with solar or electric energy”

Tutsi continued his speech as follows: “Boat transportation should not be carried out in the drinking water dam. Transportation is carried out only at the Dicle and Atatürk Dams. Fuel wastes from boats cause serious damage to the drinking water supply. We have to think about the city in this regard. We have to provide transportation with either solar or electric energy. These energy sources will provide significant savings within businesses. Alternatively, canoes or pedal boats can be considered. As an institution, we will do our best to help our operators get through this transformation process with the least damage.”

Emphasizing that they are absolutely not against excursions and tours, Tutsi stated that their biggest concern is to protect the Tigris Dam and to prevent the pollution that will occur.

Tutşi said, “The number and size of boats are increasing day by day and their routes are also expanding. We have to take this under control and protect the drinking water dam.” said.

Stating that they will allow boat transportation on the Dicle Dam to those working with solar or electric energy, Tutşi stated that they will allow a limited number of boats to operate on the dam and they will also license the boats to operate.

At the meeting, it was decided that the activities of 3 jet skis and 10 boats with a capacity of 50-60 passengers carrying out commercial activities in the dam lake without a license will be stopped, with the approval of the operators, if they do not convert their boats to renewable energy as of April 1st.

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