Gendarmerie Aviation School Command Trains Both Pilots and Heroes

Gendarmerie Aviation School Command Trains Both Pilots and Heroes

Gendarmerie Aviation School Command Trains Both Pilots and Heroes

Gendarmerie Aviation School Command brings qualified pilots to Turkish aviation, thanks to the simulators created using local and national resources.

The Teaching Presidency, which was established on August 18, 2000 under the Gendarmerie Aviation Command, was transformed into the Gendarmerie Aviation School Command on August 5, 2013. Here, high-qualified pilots are trained, using modern technology and methods, to successfully fulfill any task assigned.

Candidates who successfully complete seven different tests are entitled to receive training with the Personnel Candidate Selection System (PASS) developed using domestic and national software. Thanks to the Mi-17 and S70 simulators, all of which are made by the Gendarmerie Aviation Presidency using domestic and national resources, pilot candidates have the opportunity to fly in all weather and terrain conditions that they may encounter in real flight. Thanks to these simulators, which are designed exactly in size from helicopter parts that are in the inventory but not used, pilot candidates have the opportunity to experience life-like.

Giving information about the trainings held at the school, Helicopter Flight Training and Training Fleet Commander Gendarmerie Pilot Colonel Mustafa Tekindor said, “Our helicopter basic course covers a total of 22 weeks, 205 weeks being AB 18 Helicopter and 70 weeks being S40 Sikorsky Helicopter. During this period, we provide approximately 800 hours of theoretical training and 135 hours of flight training to our pilot candidates. In helicopter pilot training, we give our theoretical lessons to the trainees on our training platform, where all systems and parts related to the helicopter are prepared in the form of 3D visual and audio presentations.

Underlining that they do not only teach pilot candidates how to use helicopters, Colonel Tekindor said, “We are raising new heroes for the Gendarmerie Aviation, which we have witnessed countless heroisms in its 53-year history. At the end of the trainings we provide here, we are raising our brave, heroic, self-sacrificing friends who have love for the homeland and flag, and who are also humble, for our country, our country, our nation and the Gendarmerie General Command.

Colonel Mustafa Tekindor said, "You know, we have a promise we make to our nation as our gendarmerie aviation," and said, "When you need it, just look up because we will be there." For this purpose, we are raising flyers who are at the disposal of their nation with love and loyalty and are ready to help our citizens whenever they look up when they need it," he said.

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