Fatma Girik, Blue-Eyed Turkish Cinema, Was Farewell to Her Last Journey

Fatma Girik, Blue-Eyed Turkish Cinema, Was Farewell to Her Last Journey
Fatma Girik, Blue-Eyed Turkish Cinema, Was Farewell to Her Last Journey

📩 27/01/2022 15:06

Artist Fatma Girik, the "blue eyed" of the "4 leaf clover" of Turkish cinema, was sent off to Bodrum to embark on her last journey. Speaking at the commemoration ceremony for Girik, who passed away at the age of 24, on January 80, Parliamentary CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay conveyed his condolences to the grieving family of CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. Sharing the knowledge that as İBB they are working on a book about Girik, İmamoğlu said, “When it is published, we will continue to commemorate Fatma Girik. We know that it is our special duty to keep Fatma Girik, that beautiful citizen of Istanbul, our very precious mayor, who served our Istanbul together with our district of Şişli, alive in this city and to keep her name alive at all times.”

Fatma Girik, one of the symbols of Turkish cinema and the former Mayor of Şişli, passed away on January 24 last year, in the hospital where she was treated in Istanbul. The body of the deceased Girik, who died at the age of 80, was taken from the Zincirlikuyu Cemetery Gasilhane at 09.00. The first ceremony for Girik was held in Şişli Municipality, which he chaired between 1989-94. Girik's coffin, wrapped in the Turkish flag and covered with carnations, was later brought to the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall (CRR) in Harbiye. Girik is here, especially his family; Parliamentary CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay, CHP Istanbul Provincial President Canan Kaftancıoğlu, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, CHP deputies Akif Hamzaçebi, Gökan Zeybek, Sezgin Tanrıkulu, Yüksel Mansur Kılınç and İBB CHP Group Deputy Chairman Doğan Subaşı welcomed his artist friends and fans. In the ceremony for Girik, respectively; Her niece Fatma Ahu Turanlı, her brother Günay Girik, artist Hülya Koçyiğit, her manager Bircan Silan, director Ümit Efekan, artist Ediz Hun, journalist Zeynep Oral, adopted daughter Ahu Aşkar, artist Nur Sürer, Şişli Mayor Muammer Keskin, İmamoğlu and Altay made speeches. .


Conveying the condolences of CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu to the Girik family, Altay emphasized that the deceased Girik was among the unforgettable with his goodness and beauty, as well as his artistic personality. "I find it a bit unfair to talk about it," said Altay, "Because we probably cannot fully express the goodness, beauty and magnificence of him. You know a lyric: 'Maybe it would be easier to tell, if you never knew how to speak.' A little so. But there is no movie that I haven't seen. While performing his art, we bid farewell to a master who is a giant, and in social and cultural life, sometimes as elegant and naive as an ant or sometimes a butterfly. I say sleep in the lights. My condolences to the family, loved ones and all of us. May God have mercy on him," he said.


Reminding that January 24, the day Fatma Girik passed away, was a sad day for the history of the country, İmamoğlu said, “While we are experiencing the pain of losing both Uğur Mumcu, Gaffar Okan and İsmail Cem on the same date, I look forward to that sad day. Fatma Girik, one of the most important names of her cinema, was also added. I wish them all well. May their times be eternal," he said. Emphasizing that Girik's social aspect is very strong as well as her artistic personality, İmamoğlu said, “Fatma Girik is an artist who always stands by the people, follows social problems and stands by the laborer. At the same time, Fatma Girik is an honest, populist and Kemalist artist. We are talking about a personality who is always shown as an example with his solid character. It symbolized such a stance in the souls of people,” he said.


Expressing that Turkish cinema cannot be explained without Fatma Girik, İmamoğlu said:

“While reflecting many different characters, he brought us together with such iconic characters from Anatolia that we actually became aware of the country we live in while watching those characters. He had an important place against life not only with his films, but also with his stance. Especially as a woman, she had an important place with her female stance. I would like to say that being the mayor of Şişli in 89 and being the mayor as a woman are probably one of the most important indicators of this. She pioneered in many areas. He resisted. She sought her due. She organized the march of cinema workers against censorship. She was on the front row. She was on the march for the miners, for the workers. He was still at the forefront. We are talking about such a character, such an important person. Therefore, this shows that we are talking about a person who never gives up on what he knows to be true. In other words, we are talking about a very valuable person who never chooses to be easy, whether I should be silent, not see, or not. We are also talking about a person who does not bend and bend. Frankly, in every period when the pressures on art and artists are increasing, people cannot help but look for such great artists and their stances with such important personalities.”


Sharing the information that they are working on a book about Girik as İBB, İmamoğlu said, “While these studies were going on, my colleagues were going to interview him for the book. And frankly, I told my friends that I wanted to meet him. In fact, when my friends conveyed to me the joy they felt when they conveyed my request and the light in their beautiful eyes, I felt very honored and happy. Unfortunately, this meeting did not take place. This is how we met. Such is life. Of course, this will certainly remain a concern for me. The book is currently ongoing. When it is published, we will continue to commemorate Fatma Girik together. We know that it is our special duty to keep Fatma Girik, that beautiful citizen of Istanbul, our very precious mayor, who served our Istanbul together with our district of Şişli, alive in this city and to keep her name alive at all times.”


Keskin, who stated that they will continue to keep Girik's name alive, said, “He has an undisputed contribution to the institution and the structure. Our girls' dormitory and nursery continue to provide services under the name 'Fatma Girik'. We will continue to keep his precious name alive in Şişli forever.” Her niece Fatma Ahu Turanlı, her brother Günay Girik, her manager Bircan Silan, her adopted daughter Ahu Aşkar, whom she took with her at the age of 12 as a foster family from the Child Protection Agency, director Ümit Efekan and artist Nur Sürer also emphasized that Turkish cinema has a very important place in their lives. He gave emotional speeches about su Girik.


Hülya Koçyiğit, one of the “4-leaf clovers” of Turkish cinema along with Girik, also gave a speech at the commemoration ceremony. Koçyiğit, who stated that he had difficulty in speaking, expressed his feelings, “We are burning inside. You know, they say, 'The eyes are the mirror of the heart of a person'; Those beautiful eyes that look with love and kindness with those deep blue eyes, as if a light were burning from within… They immediately bring energy, liveliness, and cheer up the environment they enter. When it comes to Turkish cinema, it is the first thing that comes to mind for all of us. Because he was an artist devoted to his profession with passion and love. He was a brave-hearted legend. We will miss you very much, Fatma. Underlining that Girik created his own style in cinema, Koçyiğit said, “Even though we were seen in different political lanes, we were Republican women who were devoted to Atatürk with all our hearts and to his principles and reforms. Every death is premature. The important thing is to make us say 'He was a good person' behind us. Fato did it. Fatma passed away as a good person and today we are sending her off to eternity.”


Artist Ediz Hun, who has acted in many films with Girik, also expressed his feelings, “Dear friends, we met Fatma in 1964. 58 years have passed. She was an extraordinary woman, she. He was honest, he was brave. She never pursued interests. There is a very important maxim of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. I want to share this with you. says; 'The real strength of man is not in the leaps, but in the unshakable stance.' She was such a woman, such an artist. I wanted to speak to say this. He was a very honest and excellent person. Believe me, I am one of the closest. Our friendship has continued to this day. It is a great loss. It is a great loss for the Turkish art world,” he said.


After the speeches, Girik's coffin was taken from the CRR with applause and brought to the Teşvikiye Mosque. Girik was sent off to Bordum district of Muğla, to set off on his last journey, after the funeral prayer performed following the noon prayer. Girik will be buried in Bodrum, where he has been residing for many years.

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