Employers Have Been Waiting For This Communiqué To Arrange Payroll

Employers Have Been Waiting For This Communiqué To Arrange Payroll
Employers Have Been Waiting For This Communiqué To Arrange Payroll

The salary of those who earn more than the minimum wage will change 6 times during the year, and the net wage of 6305 lira will decrease to 5791 lira at the end of the year. With the increase in the base price, after the part of the prices up to the minimum price was excluded from tax, the implementation notice of the relevant legal regulation was also published. Hundreds of thousands of businesses have been waiting for this notification to adjust their January payrolls.

According to the notification, in the taxation of price incomes, in addition to the salary payment, the one-to-one transfer and price is paid; The cumulative base will be taken as a basis with payments such as premium, profit, bonus, attendance fee, overtime price, revolving fund price, and additional course price.

Exceptions will also be made for the payments considered as price, such as the attendance fee paid to the members of the administration and control council, the payments made to the experts, official mediators, experts, sports referees and athletes.

In the notification, how the taxation will be done according to the level of the price is also explained with examples.

According to this, an individual who is employed for a minimum price will be paid a net monthly salary of 4 thousand 253 liras, and since all of this will be subject to the exception, an insurance premium of 750.60 lira will be paid for this worker.

The net price of a staff, who works at a minimum price and pays 996 liras for overtime and social assistance, starts from 4 thousand 965 liras, and will decrease to 4 thousand 923 liras in the last months of the year, as the tax bracket will change.

The net price of an employee whose gross price is 8 thousand liras is 6 thousand 395 liras in the January-May period, 6 thousand 55 liras in June-July, 6 thousand 156 liras in August, 6 thousand 267 liras in September-October, 5 thousand in November. It will be 931 lira and 5 thousand 791 lira in December.

Source: Hüseyin GÖKÇE / World

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