With the Duroğlu Variant Project, 6,3 Million TL of Savings Will Be Provided

With the Duroğlu Variant Project, 6,3 Million TL of Savings Will Be Provided
With the Duroğlu Variant Project, 6,3 Million TL of Savings Will Be Provided

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure stated that the Duroğlu Variant in Giresun will be put into service tomorrow and emphasized that 6,3 million TL will be saved with the project. The Ministry of Transport noted that the construction of Giresun Fisherman's Shelter is continuing.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made a written statement about the investments made in Giresun. Underlining that one of the investments is the Duroğlu Variant, the statement said, “Within the scope of the 653-meter variant project built at the Duroğlu Town crossing of the route; The 90-meter-long, 3-span Duroğlu Variant-1 Bridge, the 318-meter Duroğlu Tunnel and the 120-meter 4-span Duroğlu Variant-2 Bridge were built in the standard of a single road with bitumen hot mix pavement. On the 20,9 kilometer section between the 24 and 3,1 kilometers of the road, the 77-meter Yusufoğlu-1 Bridge, the 93-meter Yusufoğlu-2 Bridge, the 330-meter Dereli Tunnel and the 61-meter Dereli-2 Bridge are located on the same route as the 38-meter Akkaya Bridge. completed” was used.


In addition, the 143-meter Gelevera Bridge, the 68-meter Cebeci Bridge, the 25-meter Fındıklı-1 Bridge, the 79-meter DSI Gelevera Bridge, and the 109-meter Gürağaç Bridge will be put into service on the Giresun-Soğukpınar Road.

“With the Variant Project; The transit traffic on the route extending from the Black Sea coast to the inner parts was taken out of the Duroğlu campus, and a safe, comfortable and uninterrupted traffic flow was established. The highway connection of the town was provided by the intersections at the entrance and exit points. With the project, a total of 4,2 million TL will be saved annually, 2,1 million TL from time and 6,3 million TL from fuel oil. Carbon emissions will be reduced by 438 tons. Transportation on the route will become safe. In addition, with the increase in touristic, commercial and economic activity on the route, it will contribute to the development and development of the region; It will be easier for local and foreign tourists to reach the Black Sea plateaus.”


Reminding that there was a flood disaster in Giresun in August 2020, the statement said, “We started work on the Altınşehir Bridge, which was damaged in the flood disaster in Giresun on August 22, 2020, as of October 27, 2020. We completed the Altınşehir Bridge in a short period of 70 days and opened it to traffic on December 30, 2020. We completed the Dereli Bridge, another bridge damaged in the flood disaster, as soon as possible and opened it to the service of our citizens. We opened the only tube of the Eğribel Tunnel to transportation in order to ensure safe and fast transportation of our citizens in the harsh winter conditions. By shortening the route by 6,5 km, we saved 20 minutes of time”.


In the statement, it was stated that investments were made not only in highways but also in other transportation areas, “We built the Espiye Adabük Fisherman's Shelter to meet the needs of 60 boats of various sizes. We started the construction of Giresun Fisherman's Shelter. We are continuing the construction work of the shelter with a capacity of 200 fishing boats.

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