Denizli City Museum Construction Started

Denizli City Museum Construction Started
Denizli City Museum Construction Started

Giving the good news that they started the construction of Denizli City Museum, which Denizli had been dreaming of for many years, Mayor Zolan said, "We promised, we do." Mayor Zolan said that the museum will contribute greatly to Denizli's tourism and will play a major role in transferring the historical values ​​of the city to future generations.

Denizli's museum dream turns into reality

After the signing of the city museum construction protocol, which Denizli has been dreaming of for many years, on 21 December 2021, the company that won the tender started the Denizli City Museum project. It was stated that the project, which will be built within the scope of the cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums, Denizli Governorship and Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, will have a construction period of 450 days and cost approximately 27 million liras. After the environmental security measures were taken, the works began for the old Industrial Vocational High School, known as stone buildings, to become the Denizli City Museum. It has been stated that the work for the Denizli City Museum, which will emerge with the restoration of the old Industrial Vocational High School, started with roof systems that lost their feature and function against time.

“Good luck and good luck”

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that the city museum, which has been a dream for many years, will contribute greatly to Denizli tourism and will play a major role in transferring historical values ​​to future generations. Mayor Osman Zolan said, “Our Denizli has many natural, historical and cultural riches that we cannot name, especially Pamukkale, our thermal waters, our ski resort, 19 ancient cities. As we promised, we started the construction of a city museum, which is our dream, in order to take Denizli to further points in the tourism sector, to convey the values ​​of our city to our future and to add beauty to the beauty of our Denizli. Thank goodness we promised. Good luck and good luck,” he said.

Denizli City Museum

Denizli City Museum, which will have a closed area of ​​2 thousand 570 square meters, will include many values ​​from the Republican period to the Ottoman Empire, from the culinary culture of Denizli to Denizli legends. Household culture revitalization rooms, Denizli culinary culture, Denizli in the National Struggle, Denizli's notables, Denizli's principles, Denizli history, Atatürk's great Aegean trip, agriculture, industry, economy and social life in the region during the Late Ottoman – Early Republic period, Dozens of values ​​such as Denizli effigy, Denizli handicrafts, weaving from the Ottomans to the present, textile shops, traditional crafts from past to present, commercial life, Denizli houses, Denizli architecture and Denizli's symbols will be exhibited in Denizli City Museum.

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