Demirağ OIZ and Logistics Village Visit from 40 NGO Presidents in Sivas

Demirağ OIZ and Logistics Village Visit from 40 NGO Presidents in Sivas
Demirağ OIZ and Logistics Village Visit from 40 NGO Presidents in Sivas

Members of the board of directors, consisting of 40 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) presidents in Sivas, visited Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), Gökrail Wagon Factory and logistics village area.

In the program held under the chairmanship of Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) President Mustafa Eken, the members of the Board of Presidents examined Demirağ OIZ and Logistics Village and received information from Demirağ OIZ Director Mustafa Beştepe and TCDD officials about the works.


Making a statement on behalf of the Board of Presidents, Sivas TSO President Mustafa Eken said, “We came to examine our Demirağ Organized Industry and Logistics Village project with our esteemed Presidents in our Board of Presidents. We also visited the factory of Gök Yapı, which was first built here, which started production in a 38 thousand square meter closed area. Our friends in the Board of Presidents expressed their opinions. Our aim here is to show that our NGO presidents take care of every part of the city, we are all here on behalf of our members.”


Referring to the importance of the Logistics Village for Demirağ OIZ and Sivas, President Eken said, “Logistics Village will be established on an area of ​​550 thousand square meters and infrastructure works are continuing. Here, our Deputy Regional Director of TCDD informed us. The first firm that had previously taken the tender canceled it. The second company was canceled again. But the tender was given to a third company. The project is at the signing stage. Logistics Village is very important for Sivas and Demirağ OIZ. Especially with the good news of the Attraction Center given by our President, the Logistics Village turned out to be more important. That's why we will protect our Logistics Village and Demirağ OIZ. We will continue to follow up with the Ministry so that this place ends as soon as possible. Thanks to our state, Sivas is giving the best of everything. He gave the Center of Attraction to Demirağ. We continue to work on giving it to the 1st OSB. All of our Board of Presidents are working on this issue. God bless all of them. We have seen that the public discourse in the Logistics Village, such as delayed or canceled, is not true. Sivas Logistics Village is being built and will be built. Our Board of Presidents, our Mayor, our deputies, our Governor, we all together support the Logistics Village and Demirağ OIZ, and we will continue to do so. May our city be beneficial to both our Demirağ OIZ, our factories and our Logistics Village. I would like to thank all of our Presidents in our Board of Presidents. For defending their city. As the Board of Presidents, our work will continue,” he said.

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