8 Suggestions to Extend the Life of Electronic Devices

8 Suggestions to Extend the Life of Electronic Devices
8 Suggestions to Extend the Life of Electronic Devices

Serving its customers with a deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta has announced 8 golden points that should be considered for longer-lasting and beneficial use of electronic devices that have become parts of daily life. User errors, external factors such as liquid contact, faulty charging, neglected filter and device cleaning, and falling and crashing are among the factors that reduce the service life of technological products.

Keep away from extreme heat

Technological tools contain adhesives that hold different parts together. These adhesives are stable up to a certain temperature. However, in case of continuous heating and exposure to high temperatures, these adhesives begin to melt. For these reasons, it should not be forgotten that excess heat is the biggest enemy of electronic devices, and electronic devices should not be exposed to heat in any way, including solar heat. Just like too much heat, too much cold is harmful to electronic devices. The ideal temperature for electronic devices is room temperature.

Keep the vents clean

All electronic devices contain very sensitive circuits. In addition, the majority of electronic devices have ventilation holes for ventilation. Dirty or dusty environment causes dust and dirt to fill these ventilation holes. As the dust accumulates, it damages the electronic circuits and causes the devices to slow down first and then to break down.

Clean your filter

Hair dryers are one of the most frequently used electronic devices at home. In order to prolong the life of the hair dryer, the dust filter should be cleaned from time to time. In addition, a machine whose dust filter has not been cleaned causes the hair to be exposed to more heat and to wear.

Do not neglect periodic cleaning

Periodic cleaning has a great impact on the performance and service life of vacuum cleaners, which help to easily clean solid and liquid substances in the environment. Performance loss is observed in a short time in devices that are not regularly maintained. In order to prevent this situation, the user manual of the vacuum cleaner must be read and filter cleaning should be done periodically.

Extend battery life

Cell phones and computers are other electronic devices that are indispensable in daily life. All of the sudden temperature changes experienced in these devices are harmful to the batteries and shorten their life. Exposure to hot weather, in particular, causes the phone to run out of charge instantly. Poor quality containers also make the phone heat up very quickly. In such cases, it is recommended to buy a new phone case. In the case of laptops, the most important problem is the life of the battery. To extend battery life; Steps such as not keeping the laptop plugged in all the time, minimizing screen brightness, closing unnecessary programs, turning off Wi-Fi when not in use, and adjusting screen brightness are important.

Stay away from chalky water

Coffee machines, which accelerate the preparation of delicious coffees, are found in every home and workplace today. The use of too much lime water is one of the factors that shorten the life of coffee machines. The use of filtered water or drinking water to deal with scale affecting the performance of the machine helps to extend the life of the device.

Do not allow oil to accumulate

Microwave ovens are electronic devices whose use has spread to every home in recent years. Oils accumulating in the microwave and dust accumulation in the air vents are among the factors that directly affect the devices. For these important reasons, microwave ovens should be cleaned regularly.

Leave a ventilation gap

The area where your refrigerator is placed, which is one of the most important needs of a house, is very important. A minimum of 5 cm ventilation gap should be left between the refrigerator and the walls. In addition, the refrigerator should be placed in a place that does not receive direct sunlight, away from heat sources such as heaters or ovens as well as from walls.

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