5. Rejection of IMM's 12 Thousand New Taxi Offer

5. Rejection of IMM's 12 Thousand New Taxi Offer
5. Rejection of IMM's 12 Thousand New Taxi Offer

IMM's new taxi system and 500 new taxi offers, 5.000 of which are suitable for disabled access, were rejected by the majority of votes in UKOME for the 12th time. IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar's proposal to "vote separately for 500 taxis suitable for disabled access" was not accepted by the representatives of the Ministry and the President of the Taxi Drivers' Chamber.

The January UKOME (IMM Transportation Coordination Center) meeting was held at Yenikapı Kadir Topbaş Performance and Art Center under the chairmanship of IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar. At the meeting, “Proposal for 500 New Taxi Offerings, 5.000 of which are Special for Disabled Access, and All of them are IMM's Plates”, came to the agenda for the 12th time.


IMM Secretary General, Can Akın Çağlar, stated that they do the service for disabled citizens with a sense of duty, that they want to solve the problem with public transportation, and reminded that they have been waiting for signatures from Ankara for the purchase of 300 new buses for 1 year, and that they have faced the same difficulties in new metro projects.

Çağlar said, “As we see that we cannot reach the speed we want in public transportation for these reasons, we are bringing this proposal to the agenda for the 12th time to try to solve the transportation problem of Istanbulites, at least with the number of taxis. But if we could not explain it, we will continue to bring it up every time to explain it in more detail. Today, we can only vote for 500 disabled-accessible taxis here. We'll continue to talk about the remaining 4 taxis later. It was stated here that the disabled taxi project is a non-commercial demand that requires investment. We will offer this investment by covering it from our own budget in order to serve our citizens," he said.


IMM Deputy Secretary General for Transportation Pelin Alpkökin emphasized that all the speakers said that the disabled taxi application is necessary, but that the approval was not given, and drew attention to the fact that there is a disabled taxi application in all developed cities of the world.


IMM Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan reminded that there were 1986 thousand taxis in Istanbul in 17, and today there are 18 thousand 395 taxis despite the exponentially increasing population, and said that 25 thousand 3 complaints have been received by IMM about taxis in the last 500 days. Cihan underlined that disabled people also make very intense complaints about accessibility to IMM.


IMM Public Transportation Services Manager Barış Yıldırım stated that they see the taxi as a transportation tool, not an investment tool, and said, “We think that the taxi industry should get rid of the investment tool approach. For this reason, we are proposing the supply of 500 new taxis, 5.000 of which are special for disabled access, all with the license plate of IMM.


After the speeches at the meeting, IBB Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar suggested that 500 taxis suitable for the disabled be voted separately and 4 taxis separately. However, the representatives of the Ministry and the Taxi Drivers' Chamber insisted that the proposal should be discussed again in the subcommittee.

In the voting, "500 New Taxi Supply Proposals, 5.000 of which are Special for Disabled Access, and All of them are IMM's Plates", was rejected for the 12th time by the majority of the Ministry representatives and the Chamber of Tradesmen.

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