4 Common Gynecological Problems in Women

4 Common Gynecological Problems in Women
4 Common Gynecological Problems in Women

Gynecologist, Sex Therapist, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op.Dr.Esra Demir Yüzer gave information about the subject.

pelvic pains

There may be diseases that can be treated quickly under pelvic pain, as well as chronic diseases that we can only reduce the complaints of without treatment, or malignant diseases such as cancers of the female genital organs. Therefore, the history, detailed examination and examination of the woman in pelvic pain are important. The important thing is; In all diseases, women should apply to a gynecologist without delay and the diagnosis should be made quickly. In this way, early treatment of underlying malignant diseases will be provided.

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is the most common complaint that women apply to their gynecologist. It is normal for women to have a transparent, odorless, creeping vaginal discharge lasting 4-5 days during ovulation periods. In addition, before menstruation, similar discharges occur during the preparation of the cervix for menstruation.

Vaginal discharge that is yellow, green, foamy, foul-smelling, itchy suggests vaginal infection.

Irregular period

Women normally menstruate with an interval of 28 days. It is considered normal for menstruation to be 7 days earlier or later. Young girls may experience menstrual irregularities until the hormone balance matures for 2-3 years when they menstruate for the first time. However, if 2-3 years have passed after the first menstruation, if it is still not in order, if there is male pattern hair growth, if there is excessive weight gain, it should be investigated. In women over 40 years of age, menstrual irregularities can be a sign of menopause, as well as a sign of uterine and other female genital cancers. Especially in post-menopausal bleeding, it is necessary to be alert for genital cancers.

sexual dysfunction

In Turkey, 10 out of every 1 women has vaginismus (inability to have sexual intercourse) and 4 (anorgasmia) have the problem of not having an orgasm. Sexual reluctance also begins after these problems. Although sexual dysfunctions are problems that can be solved by getting professional help, patients generally delay coming to treatment. However, with the right treatment methods, treatment is possible in a limited period of days. The use of hypnotherapy in treatment is the most important way to shorten the duration of the treatment.

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