35 Million Euro Environmental Project from Antalya Metropolitan

35 Million Euro Environmental Project from Antalya Metropolitan
35 Million Euro Environmental Project from Antalya Metropolitan

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is implementing an environmentally friendly and technological project in order to dispose of the sludge obtained from wastewater treatment plants. Energy will be produced from treatment sludge "Date Treatment Sludge Incineration and Energy Recovery" KazanIM Facility” project is expected to have an investment budget of approximately 35 million Euros.

The Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated its efforts and investments for the protection of water resources, with water becoming a strategic resource, which is increasingly important in the world.

ASAT General Directorate is preparing to implement an extremely important project as an indicator of the importance it attaches to the environment and nature. ASAT will be one of the largest fluidized bed facilities in Turkey in its field, “Palm Treatment Sludge Incineration and Energy Recovery. KazanIt will start working for the “IM Facility” in 2022. The facility will have many environmental features and advanced techniques.


The official permit, feasibility report approval, EIA and financial support processes for the facility have been completed.

the facility; Sludge Receiving Unit, Underground Sludge Bunker, Pre-Drying Unit, Preheat Burner System, Fluidizing Air Supply, Biogas Feeding, Natural Gas Feeding, Sand Feeding System, Fluidized Bed Furnace Unit, Fluidizing Air Heat Recovery KazanHeat Recovery with Heat Exchangers Kazanim, Waste Heat Kazanı, Ash Storage, Flue System, Flue Gas Treatment, Flue Gas Continuous Emission Measurement, Odor Removal, SCADA and Control, Electric Power Generation (Turbine), Instrumentation, Electricity Network Security Systems.


“Date Sludge Combustion and Energy Recovery Kazan500 tons of domestic sewage sludge per day will be pre-drying at the IM Plant. In an environment with sand, sludge will be injected into the combustion chamber into which air, natural gas and biogas are blown, and the incineration process will be provided. In the process; With the air blowing system, the sand particles will be kept in a fluid state continuously, natural gas and biogas will be injected in order to control the temperature during the first combustion or normal combustion process, and the hot sands will be burned at optimum 850 degrees with the sludge feeding system of the treatment sludge.


With the project, there will be a reduction in the carbon footprint. Again with the project, phosphorus is recovered from the ash formed after combustion in the next stage. kazanBy making the process, the goal of a fully environmentally friendly process will be achieved. With this project, ASAT aims to both establish a more environmentally friendly facility and reduce the costs of sludge disposal and transportation, which impose a heavy budgetary burden. The project will generate electrical energy, which will also reduce energy costs. With the completion of the project and the commissioning of the facility, the treatment sludge will be disposed of 7/24.

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