16 More Documents Required for Professions

More Documentation Required for the Profession
More Documentation Required for the Profession

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security has brought a Vocational Qualification Certificate requirement for 16 professions, including wooden furniture manufacturer, shoe manufacturer, painting operator, chimney oil duct cleaning personnel, beautician and hairdresser.

“Communiqué on Occupations Requiring Vocational Qualifications Institution Vocational Qualification Certificate” was published in the Official Gazette.

According to this, manufacturers of wooden furniture and shoes in the "dangerous" and "very dangerous" class in terms of occupational accidents, chimney oil duct cleaning personnel, painting operator, electrical distribution network tester, beautician, cutter (shoe), hairdresser, furniture upholstery, rail. Occupational Qualification Certificate was required for the professions of system vehicles electrical maintenance and repairer, rail system vehicles electronic maintenance and repairer, rail system vehicles mechanical maintenance and repairer, rail systems signaling maintenance and repairer, saddlery manufacturer, counter, olive oil production operator.


Persons who do not have the Vocational Qualification Authority Certificate of Vocational Competence in these professions will not be able to be employed after 12 months as of today.

According to the "Vocational Education Law", the document requirement will not be sought for those who have mastership certificate, and those who have graduated from vocational and technical education schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, and schools and departments of universities that provide vocational and technical education and are employed in the departments, fields and branches specified in their diplomas or mastership certificates.

Inspections within this scope will be carried out by labor inspectors. An administrative fine will be imposed on the employer or employer's representatives who violate the provisions of the Communiqué.

With the 16 newly added professions, the number of professions that are in the "dangerous" and "very dangerous" classes and have the Vocational Competence Certificate requirement increased to 204.

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