10 Rules Against Child Obesity During the Semester Break

10 Rules Against Child Obesity During the Semester Break
10 Rules Against Child Obesity During the Semester Break

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül said, “When you look around at school, in the park, in the market, in the restaurant, you see more children with weight problems than 10 years ago. Especially during the pandemic, this number has increased considerably. Obesity in children and young people is not just a visual disorder. It is also a major health problem. This health problem causes a health problem that affects many organs, which was not seen in children before, to be seen in children as well.

We can ensure that our children are protected from all these diseases by fulfilling the 10 simple rules that I will count while our children are under our control as the semester break begins.

1- If you have a child with a weight problem, we should not start by criticizing him in this period. Make him believe that what you will do during this period is not about his weight. Follow all the rules too.

2- Even if they are on vacation, go to bed early and let them sleep through the body repair period between 23:00 and 02:00. In order for the hormones secreted for restructuring and growth in these time zones to function, the body must be in a state of sleep. Follow the same rules during this period.

3- A child who goes to bed early will be able to wake up early after an 8-hour sleep and rest period. Therefore, even if the child is on vacation, make sure that he gets up on time. The more we benefit from daylight, the healthier we are.

An early breakfast prevents unnecessary snacks during the day because we eat it early, and we start to store energy early for our nighttime structuring.

4- In the morning, we should ensure that he eats nutritious breakfast foods. He should eat what you suggest, not what he wants. The first things you should remove from your table are breakfast cereals, honey and jams, white and wholemeal bread. Olives, cheese varieties, greens, eggs, hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds are the things that should be on your table. It can be a very little bagel, sourdough bread, and a nice homemade pastry. Take care to eat a wide variety of food while eating, don't just eat the pie and don't let it get up. Prefer nutritious drinks such as freshly squeezed fruit juice, milk and ayran as a beverage.

5- Especially recommend and follow up drinking water between meals

6- Make him move so that he does not sit in front of the computer or in front of the TV all day.

7- Try to make him love pot dishes at lunchtime, make sure to have a little meaty meal, along with a cooked meal with olive oil. Encourage him to eat yoghurt at every meal. He can also eat fruit in the morning and at noon.

8- Get used to eating the food at the table and warn him not to eat anything outside the table.

9- Be sure to start dinner by waiting for it to be hungry. Have him drink soup the night before.

10- Start a probiotic drug that you can use by consulting your doctor. So the digestive system works much better.

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