Safe Education Implemented Throughout the Country

Safe Education Implemented Throughout the Country
Safe Education Implemented Throughout the Country

📩 18/12/2021 12:51

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, the General Directorate of Security and the General Command of the Gendarmerie are responsible for keeping and protecting children and youth from all kinds of crimes, especially gambling, ensuring that students continue their education and training in safer environments, inspecting parks-gardens and game halls, preventing children from begging, trying to find wanted persons. In order to catch and seize criminal elements, Safe Education was implemented simultaneously across the country, school bus vehicles and personnel were inspected.

In all applications with the participation of 12 thousand 961 mixed teams and 43 thousand 561 security and gendarmerie personnel; 63 thousand 783 school bus vehicles were inspected. A total of 244 vehicles and their drivers were penalized and fined, including 283 violations of not wearing seat belts, 168 vehicle inspections, 61 violations of School Service Vehicles Regulations, and 1.969 violations of Carrying Excess Passengers. 444 school bus vehicles, which were found to be missing, were banned from traffic, 12 drivers' licenses were withdrawn.

24 public places (coffee houses, coffee shops, cafes, internet and game halls, claim and prize dealers, places with liquor etc.), parks and gardens, abandoned buildings, alcohol and especially Places where open/packaged tobacco products are sold were inspected throughout the day, and administrative action was taken against 916 workplaces.

In practice; While a total of 694 people wanted for various crimes were caught, 8 missing children were also found.

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