Healthy Eating Suggestions for New Year's Eve

Healthy Eating Suggestions for New Year's Eve

Healthy Eating Suggestions for New Year's Eve

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Başak İnsel Aydın made nutritional recommendations for New Year's Day and Night. In order to celebrate the enthusiasm of the coming New Year, various main dishes, food and drinks with plenty of sweets and nuts take their place on the New Year's table. Anadolu Health Center Nutrition and Diet Specialist Başak İnsel Aydın, who reminded that all meals, especially breakfast, should be consumed without skipping over the New Year's diet, said, “When breakfast is neglected, problems such as fatigue, weakness, headache, and lack of attention can occur during the day. . In addition, consuming foods with high energy content but low nutritional value, insufficient and unbalanced foods in the breakfast meal may cause an increase in energy and fat intake in the next meals and thus a deterioration in body weight control.

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Başak İnsel Aydın made nutritional recommendations for New Year's Day and Night:


Start your day by paying attention from breakfast in the morning. For example, it can be a good choice for a morning meal with milk + oatmeal or 2 thin slices of whole wheat bread + 1 slice of feta cheese + lean toast with seasonal greens.

You can have a light lunch with a vegetable meal with olive oil + yoghurt or soup + seasonal salad and make a small snack 2-3 hours before your dinner, balancing your blood sugar and allowing you to choose controlled portions for your dinner.

christmas table

In order for dinner to be a balanced meal, make sure that there are 4 basic food groups (meat-milk-cereals-vegetables-fruits) on the table.

Since the meal time will take longer than usual on New Year's Eve, eat your meals slowly and chew well. Make sure to sit at the table at 20:30 at the latest.

There should be a green salad prepared from seasonal vegetables on the New Year's table. Even a salad with boiled legumes or cheese will be a good option.

Instead of frying meat, healthy methods such as grilling-oven-boiling without adding oil or cooking in a pan without oil should be preferred. In addition, turkey-goose-duck-chicken-fish with low saturated fat content can be preferred instead of red meat.

Rice or pasta should not be included in the table as much as possible; if it is to be preferred, this choice should be in the direction of bulgur pilaf.

In addition to meat dishes, vegetable dishes with olive oil or steamed vegetables can be preferred.

Instead of fried appetizers, you can take advantage of low-fat appetizers prepared with yogurt or cheese.

Nuts and dried fruits can be consumed in moderation instead of high-fat packaged foods (chips, chocolate, etc.). Snacks that are consumed unconsciously at the table increase the energy content of the meal very much.

Dessert should be consumed 1 hour after the main meal. Instead of pastry desserts, milky and fruity desserts can be preferred.

first breakfast of the new year

On January 1, you can have breakfast in the form of brunch. Continue the day with a snack, and for dinner, make light choices such as soup, vegetables with olive oil, boiled or grilled chicken, and salad.

Make sure to rest your stomach and body, which is busy digesting food all night. You can take a walk for 30-40 minutes in the open air to rest your body and spend some of the excess calories taken at night.

Herbal teas such as fennel and anise to relax your stomach, lemon balm and chamomile to rest your body can be preferred.

Increase your water consumption during the day to purify the body from toxins.

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