Who is Süleyman Kilit?

Who is Süleyman Kilit?
Who is Süleyman Kilit?

Süleyman Kilit is an important business person who is among the important names and representatives of the key companies group, which has an important place and position in terms of tourism. Süleyman Kilit is a very respected businessman, as well as a business person known for his very helpful personality. Süleyman Kilit serves as the Chairman of the Board of Crystal Hotel. Today, it is among the hotel owners and is also known as the king of hotels and is the owner of well-known hotel chains. Today, our country is in a very important place in terms of tourism.


Crystal hotel, owned by Süleyman Kilit, has a certain place in the tourism sector in which he has been. If we look at the time when Kilit Group of Companies stepped into the tourism sector for the first time, we see that it has stepped into hotel management with the Crystal Palace brand, which it opened in Belek Boğazkent in two thousand and five years.

However, in the same year it was opened, this Crystal Place hotel was sold to the Riva Otelcilik brand, which was a member of the Kayı Group at that time.

Oman Çetinbaş, the CEO of Crystal Hotel, made the following statement; In addition to the first hotel, it was sold to another group two years later. Then, by the year XNUMX, we continued on our way as Key Companies added new hotels to our structure.

Over the years, we have started to grow by adding new facilities and hotels to our structure. Currently, eleven facilities within our organization add value to the economy. The total number of rooms in these existing facilities has reached five thousand two hundred and forty-seven, and the bed capacity has reached thirteen thousand three hundred and eighty.”

In fact, we have seen that they show significant developments within the scope of the Crystal hotel, and that they also develop and develop within the Kilit group of companies.


The foundations of the key companies group were laid in one thousand nine hundred and fifty-five, and the group was formed for the first time by Turan Kilit.

It was formed by three brothers in one thousand nine hundred and fifty-five, and with its founders Turan Kilit, first stepped into the sector with the name of Kristal Glassware Wholesale and Retail Household Appliances, Kilit Group of Companies, which started trading, gradually passed to the management and administrative control of the company, Süleyman Kilit , Tuncay Kilit and Taner Kilit brothers have made great progress and also specialized in the hotel equipment sector.

In this process up to now, more than one important export in terms of tourism has been made within the body of Kilit Group of Companies and has also provided development.

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