What is Labiaplasty? Why is Labiaplasty Needed? How is Labiaplasty Applied?

What is Labiaplasty? Why is Labiaplasty Needed? How is Labiaplasty Applied?
What is Labiaplasty? Why is Labiaplasty Needed? How is Labiaplasty Applied?

Gynecologist, Sex Therapist, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op.Dr.Esra Demir Yüzer gave information about the subject. Today, with the development of communication channels, women have begun to notice the problems in their external genitalia earlier and decide more quickly on the way to treatment.

 – So, what is the problem that women are most uncomfortable with in the external genitalia?

It is the fact that the inner lips are drooping or asymmetrical from the outer lips.

 – Do the sagging and asymmetries on the inner lips cause only a visual problem?

Sagging of the inner lips creates both psychological and physical problems for women.

Physically in women;  An unending vaginal discharge, irritation and pain, pain due to stretching during sexual intercourse, darkening in parts of the drooping lips are the most common complaints.

Psychologically; Since the woman does not like herself visually, she loses self-confidence and accordingly her sexual life is negatively affected. Just because of this, we personally witness that many women have serious problems in their marriages. The woman is psychologically affected negatively, as the protruding inner lips cause an unpleasant appearance when wearing tight clothes and swimsuits.

-What is done in the treatment of inner lip sagging and asymmetries?  

Asymmetrical, drooping and darkened condition of the inner lips labiaplasty what we call Inner Lip Reduction can be corrected with surgery.

-What are the points to be considered in inner lip surgeries?

A natural-looking technique that will not cause loss of sensation in the woman should be chosen by meticulous planning before the surgery. Inner lip surgery can result in frustration when performed without a correct technique. Because the tissue used in the surgery is small, the chance of correction in wrong surgeries is often not possible.

Another issue that should be considered the most is; While performing labiaplasty surgery, it is necessary to target a complete external genital aesthetic. Because after the drooping lips, which is the biggest problem, are corrected, less noticeable laxity around the clitoris, skin folds and darkening begin to become evident. For this purpose, when necessary hudoplasty in other words, aesthetics around the clitoris should be done together. The important thing in hudoplasty surgery is to avoid incision lines that will cause loss of pleasure.

As a result; Inner lip surgery (labiaplasty), which is one of the genital aesthetic surgeries, is an important surgery for both individual and family happiness of the woman.

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