Hot Development in Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train Project! Accelerated Construction Begins

Hot Development in Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train Project! Accelerated Construction Begins

Hot Development in Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train Project! Accelerated Construction Begins

To put it bluntly… We were excited when the foundation was laid in 2012. like the name fast construction with the process to the high speed train get together fast, safe and comfortable We thought we were going to travel.

That excitement short lasted…

first by name high gone, fast train also called High Standard Railway Line came. In fact, since the freight train will also run, willing we became


The project, which turned from high-speed to fast, still did not work. before our eyes to construction at turtle speed despite our hope we didn't lose.

Come see Gelin

Although 9 years have passed since the foundation was laid, the constructions stopped. beyond Yenişehir never started. Even so, hopes sold out.


“We are ready for 2030” say and despair In the process we exhibited, the contractor company of the construction Galleon Build'The foreign loan that was found in the second move was approved.


making to the snake story returning our fast train in front funding overcame the obstacle. Ulaştırma Bakanlığı in favor of solution first time stepped in.


We were worried about the turbulence in exchange rates, but hope and excitement again news is coming.

For example…

According to the information we received from friends, the one who undertook the construction and control of the high-speed train Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Infrastructure next week Advance to Kalyon Construction getting ready to pay.

This is Bu

According to those who know the business and the operation, the long standing construction will resume means. As well as accelerated aspect.


in the contract supervision services such as computers and telephones to contracted personnel for office needs It will be distributed next week.

One more thing…

In the project, apart from the main contractor subcontractors There are but Kalyon Construction instead of subcontractors to speed up the work do most of the construction yourself He set up his teams.

Just our bullet train will it happen this time?

Don't let the excitement be half, let the train to Gemlik

While I was hopeful with the good atmosphere about the high-speed train, What we expect from Ankara there is one more thing.

Bursa a fast train will transport the industry to the port Gemlik Train also important. This line, whose project is ready, has been expropriated, will not be profitable was shelved due to Osmaneli-Yenişehir-Bursa to the line Dip added.

Although the voice of the industrialist is not heard Gemlik Train'Waiting for it to be taken off the shelf.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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