VURAL Electronic Attack System Delivered to TAF

VURAL Electronic Attack System Delivered to TAF

VURAL Electronic Attack System Delivered to TAF

Head of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, in his post on his Twitter account, stated that domestic defense system deliveries continued on the last day of the year and announced that the Electronic Attack versions of the VURAL Radar Electronic Warfare System were delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces for the first time.

The system called VURAL was developed as part of the Radar Electronic Support/Electronic Attack (REDET-II) Project. Electronic Support versions of the system were delivered last year. In addition, the MİLKAR 3A3 (or 3A?) communication electronic warfare system was delivered under the name of ILGAR.

The VURAL (REDET-II) system, developed by ASELSAN using the experience gained from the KORAL Electronic Warfare (EW) system, will create a great force multiplier for the TAF in the electronic spectrum. Electronic warfare systems played the biggest role in neutralizing the enemy air defense systems (radar) in Syria.

What does VURAL (REDET II) do?

Radar Electronic Support (ED) System; threat radars are detected and diagnosed, and the electronic combat system (EMD) is formed by determining the necessary information of the radars, together with their aspects, as a basis for electronic attack.

Radar ED System automatically measures the primary (frequency, pulse width, pulse amplitude, etc.) and detail (antenna scan, intrapulse modulation, etc.) parameters of the radar within the framework of detection processes and creates a broadcast list from the detected broadcasts. Identification processes are carried out automatically as a result of querying the detected radars from the GVD and/or Threat Library. Event recording and tactical recording / intra-pulse recording functions of the radars of interest are carried out in the system.

Radar Electronic Attack (ET) System; It applies an electronic attack in the form of deception or jamming in order to reduce the coverage areas of detected target radars or to disable them for certain periods of time. With its 'Support Detection Infrastructure', the system can detect target radars to which it will electronically attack. With its DRFM-based structure, it can apply coherent and incompatible jamming and deception techniques against target radars.

The Radar ET System has an integrated receiver, technical generator, active phased array mixing send units, and multiple solid-state power amplifiers that provide high output power. With its electronic beam steering capability, multiple radars can be attacked simultaneously.

Source: defenceturk

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