UTIKAD Met With Its Members In Bursa

UTIKAD Met With Its Members In Bursa
UTIKAD Met With Its Members In Bursa

International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers Association UTIKAD held its third member meeting in Bursa. UTIKAD Delegation met with its members on Friday, December 17, 2021 at Bursa Hilton Convention Center.

UTIKAD Chairman of the Board Ayşem Ulusoy, UTIKAD Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Emre Eldener, UTIKAD Board MembersArkın Obdan, Cihan Özkal, Serdar Ayırtman, Sibel Gültekin Karagöz, UTIKAD Regions Coordinator Bilgehan Engin, UTIKAD Universities Focus Group Coordinator Yüksel Kahraman, UTIKAD Bursa Regional Representative Harun Gençoğlu, UTIKAD General Manager Alperen Güler and UTIKAD Executive Board members participated.

The opening speech of the event, which started with breakfast, was delivered by UTIKAD Chairman of the Board Ayşem Ulusoy. UTIKAD General Manager Alperen Güler, who took his place on the podium after Ulusoy, gave information about the recent and future works of UTIKAD. After the presentation, the reflections of the issues on the agenda of the sector in Bursa and its surroundings, especially container damage and the extension of the transit permits at the customs, which were expressed by the members, were evaluated.

UTIKAD Delegation After the member meeting held on 17 December 2021, TR Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure IV. He visited the Regional Director Muhtesin Sevinç in his office. During the meeting, logistics investments in Bursa and its surroundings and views on increasing the logistics potential were evaluated. Then, UTIKAD Delegation visited Uludağ Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Deputy Director Murat Ceviz and evaluated the digitalization efforts of customs. After Deputy Regional Director Murat Ceviz, Bursa Customs Manager Muammer Ünal was visited and evaluations were made on the agenda topics of the sector. Orhan Kattaş, Chairman of the Board of the Bursa Customs Brokers Association, talked to UTIKAD about possible future collaborations of the Bursa Customs Brokers Association.

UTIKAD Delegation will continue to meet with members in different provinces in the upcoming period.

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