ULAQ SİDA Prepares to be Exported to Europe

ULAQ SİDA Prepares to be Exported to Europe
ULAQ SİDA Prepares to be Exported to Europe

It was learned from Naval News' interview with the Deputy General Manager of Ares Shipyard that the company is in advanced export talks with two European customers. Ares Shipyard and Meteksan, which participated in the 8th Steering Committee meeting of the NATO Unmanned Naval Systems Initiative (MUS), which was held online recently, introduced a new variant of the ULAQ S/IDA (Armed/Unmanned Naval Vehicle). The new variant was named “Base/Port Defense Boat”.

In the "Base/Port Defense Boat" variant of the ULAQ S/IDA (Armed/Unmanned Marine Vehicle):

The missile launcher was replaced with a 12,7 mm stabilized remote weapon system (UKSS) called KORALP, built by Best Grup. In this way, it became the first naval platform of ULAQ Best Group to be equipped with 12,7 mm RCWS.

The currently used electro-optical (EO) sensors were replaced with Aselsan's DENİZGÖZU EO system, increasing the locality of ULAQ.
In an interview with Naval News' Ares Shipyard Deputy General Manager Oğuzhan Pehlivanlı, Pehlivanlı said: “All sea tests with KORALP 12.7 mm RCWS have been completed satisfactorily. After this stage, firing tests are scheduled for January 2022.” made a statement.


In the news about the interview, Naval News said, “The Pehlivanlı mentioned the abilities such as meeting the basic requirements of surface warfare, using lasers without laser shooting, and the deterrent role it plays in the prevention of refugees and illegal smuggling, as the important benefits that an Surface Unmanned Naval Vehicle equipped with this weapon will provide to its force.” made statements.

When Pehlivanlı was asked by Naval News about the interest that may come from foreign countries in ULAQ, he said, “I am pleased to state that there are European end-user country candidates for ULAQ. Final negotiations with the two countries, which are about to be completed, will be concluded soon. I think our deals will be announced in the first months of 2022.” explained in his words.


ULAQ S/IDA (Armed/Unmanned Marine Vehicle) designed and developed by Ares Shipyard and Meteksan is the first unmanned naval platform developed by Turkish companies. After ULAQ S/IDA, ASELSAN and Sefine shipyard jointly completed ALBATROS S IDA and lowered it to Mavi Vatan. After them, DEARSAN shipyard is preparing to download the İDA, which it has developed, to Mavi Vatan.

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