Turkey's Engineer Girls New Term Elections Completed

Turkey's Engineer Girls New Term Elections Completed
Turkey's Engineer Girls New Term Elections Completed

Based on the discourse that professions have no gender, new student elections for the 2021-2022 term of the Engineer Girls of Turkey (TMK) project carried out within the Limak Foundation in order to ensure that more women take part in a male-dominated sector such as engineering and that they are represented on equal terms have been completed.

During the application process carried out on the E-Bursum platform between September 20 and October 10, 1100 applications were received for the new term. As a result of meticulous evaluations, 59 engineering students from different universities in Turkey were selected for TMK. A total of 2021 students will be able to benefit from the multi-faceted support offered at TMK during the 2022-150 term, together with the students who continued the project from previous semesters.

Among the 150 students of TMK, which adopts a holistic and inclusive approach, there are special specialties among the program criteria such as "Students under State Protection", "Syrian and Afghan Refugee Students", "Disabled Students", "Darüşşafaka Graduates", "Students in Disaster Areas". There are also students who are allocated a quota.

In the university program of the project, which has been continuing since 2015 with the partnership of the Limak Foundation, the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the Ministry of National Education and the United Nations Development Program, certificate programs, online English language training, along with scholarship opportunities for future female engineer candidates studying in engineering faculties, Mentoring support, internship, employment and networking opportunities are offered. The university program offers the students involved an opportunity for academic, professional and personal development with the awareness of solidarity and empowerment. Students are also involved in volunteer work within the scope of the program. Within the scope of the program, which is getting stronger every year with cooperation; Special agreements with private sector institutions such as British American Tobacco, McKinsey, Nokia, Novumare Technology, Shell, Socar Turkey provide privileged rights in education, internship and employment to TMK students.

Starting from the first year of the project, students studying in the departments of computer, environmental, electrical-electronics, industry, construction, chemistry and mechanical engineering were accepted respectively; A total of 40 engineering students, 54, 106, 110, 120, 130 and 6 years, benefited from the opportunities offered. Students who graduated from the project, 560 Çanakkale Bridge, Arçelik, Aselsan, DSI, Garanti BBVA, Havelsan, Hepsiburada.com, Istanbul Airport, Northern Marmara Highway, LimakPort İskenderun, Roketsan, TEDAŞ, Turkcell, TUSAŞ, Türk Telekom, Vestel, Vodafone, Yusufeli He continues his business life in many important projects and respected institutions such as Dam and HEPP.

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