TSE 7 Contracted IT Staff to Be Recruited

Turkish Standards Institute
Turkish Standards Institute

From the Turkish Standards Institute Institution: Contracted Informatics in Large-Scale Information Processing Units of Public Institutions and Organizations, published in the Official Gazette dated 375/6/31 and numbered 12, based on the additional article 2008 of the Decree Law No. In accordance with Article 27097 of the Regulation on Principles and Procedures Regarding the Employment of Personnel, seventy percent (8%) of the KPSS P2020 score made in 2021 or 3 (the KPSS score of the candidate who does not have a KPSS score is considered as 70 (seventy)) and a percentage of the foreign language score. According to the ranking to be made based on the total of thirty (70%), starting with the highest score (the candidates who get the same score as the last candidate according to this ranking will also be entitled to take the exam.) 30 (seven) contracted informatics programs with placement to be made in order of success. rson will be taken.

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